Star Wars Battlefront - Death Star Expansion Pack DLC Teaser Trailer

EA and DICE just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star Exapansion Pack.  The teaser only shows off a bit of what we can expect from the DLC, but it appears to fall in line with the previous expansion packs, as well as the base game, recreating classic Star Wars scenes that players will have the opportunity to experience through the game.

The Death Star Expansion will include new maps, both on the ground and in space, new weapons, star cards, new heroes and villians, including Chewbacca and Bossk, as well as Space Battles, a game mode hardcore Battlefront fans have been wanting in Star Wars: Battlefront since before the game launched last year.   Enjoy the new Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Expansion teaser trailer below and let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Are you excited about the upcoming the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star Expansion?

Battlefield 1 Best Video & Graphics Settings for You! - How to Increase your BF1 Multiplayer Performance & Frame Rate

As most of you already know the better performance and higher frame rates you get in First Person Shooter games, the better you'll perform as a player.  Getting better performance can increase your gunplay in any FPS game dramatically, which in turn will increase your overall skill in the game and of course that all important KD ratio.

Battlefield 1 is no different.  Although this game graphically is very stunning, you still want to make sure you're PC is pushing out higher frame rates.  In my video below I go over what video and graphics settings you really need to look out for in order to help you choose the best graphics settings for your specific PC rig, but I'll cover the main graphics settings that will hinder your performance very briefly directly below the video.

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Battlefield 1 "Basic" Video Settings

So the main two settings under the "Basic" video settings menu you'll need to adjust are "Resolution Scale" and "Motion Blur." Resolution Scale can really hinder your overall frame rate, but doesn't have too much of an effect on your weapon performance.  So as long as you're pushing out higher frames, feel free to leave your "Resolution Scale" higher.  Even if you're pushing out higher frame rates in Battlefield 1 though, but your gunplay feels a little bit choppy, definitely make sure to cut down your Motion Blur.  Motion Blur really effects the smoothness of your weapons, and for any player that wants to play more competitive or dominate Battlefield 1 as an infantry player I would highly recommend simply cutting Motion Blur completely off.

Battlefield 1 "Advanced" Video Settings

Now as far as Battlefield 1's "Advanced" Video Settings. Currently I have DX12 Enabled "OFF."  This is simply due to the game crashing everytime I have it turned on, but by the full game release in October, I do believe that they'll have all kinks with DX12 worked out, and I will definitely have than enabled in order to cut down on CPU Usage.

As far as the main points you'll want to look out for as far as Battlefield 1's Advanced video and graphics settings, Lighting Quality can effect gunplay similar to the way Motion Blur does so I personally keep it set to low, and once again would highly recommend players who want to play on a higher level to do so.  The same with all anti-aliasing options and ambient occlusion. I turn all of these completely off simply because of the effects they have on weapon smoothness and gunplay.  Even if you have a GPU that's pushing higher frame rates with the game completely maxed out, although you're getting those higher frame rates  technically your gunplay and weapon smoothness will most certainly suffer, especially from from anti-aliasing.  If you want you can set Ambient Occlusion to SSAO, but I would highly recommend avoiding HBAO because you'll take a drastic frame rate hit, and I've just never found it worth it.

If you have an older card, definitely make sure to check out my video above for all of my recommended settings and tips.  I'm easily getting 90-100 frames per second on an old EVGA 680+ FTW, which is a descent graphics card, however it is about half a decade old now.

Can My PC Run Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 Sniping Tips for Beginners

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered PS4 Gameplay - Should you buy it?

The original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is being remastered and sold alongside Infinite Warfare in a bundle, with an $80 price tag.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered will include the full single player campaign as well as 10 multiplayer maps from the original game.  From the PS4 gameplay below obviously this is a true remaster of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and not just a touch up, or update on the older graphics.  Activision and Infinity Ward have obviously built this game from the ground up

If you're a big Call of Duty fan, picking up Infinite Warfare along with the updated Modern Warfare is an easy call.  If you've been disappointed by the series for the past several years though, I really can't justify purchasing this bundle even though I loved the original.  Having absolutely no interest whatsoever in Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare, I would basically just be paying $80 dollars to have part of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with some updated graphics, and that just doesn't seem like a good deal to me personally.

So, of course, we're all different.  I know some of you are probably itching to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on your PS4 or Xbox One.  Honestly, if they sell it later on for $20 or $30 bucks as a standalone game, I would be more than happy to buy it.  For $80 though... I don't think so.

Enjoy the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered gameplay below running on the PS4.

Can Your PC Run Battlefield 1? - BF1 Performance, Graphics Settings, DX12

Battlefield 1 is right around the corner, and as with every Battlefield game, and of course, advancements in graphical fidelity, we have to ask ourselves, "Can my PC Run Battlefield 1?"  As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, BF1 is visually breathtaking.  Even from the few glimpses I've seen from screenshots, and of course logging many hours into the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha on St. Quentins Scar, this game is easily the most beautiful Battlefield yet.

Now if you're like me, which I'm sure many of you are, you don't feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars every year, or even two or three years on new PC parts in order to keep up with the latest games.  I personally picked up my Geforce GTX 680+ FTW GPU, as well as the rest of my current PC rig shortly after Battlefield 3's release, and my PC has pretty much handled anything I've thrown at it since with ease, even running many games on Max or Ultra graphics settings at high frame rates.

However, if you're like me and love Battlefield, and understand the importance of running this game at higher frame rates, then you may be a little weary if you're PC rig will push out the performance you need to play more competitively.

Well, no need to stress. Like I've said, I've logged many hours into the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha on my semi-old PC, and I'm able to run BF1 on all high settings at very good frame rates, and if I customize my graphics settings for performance I'm easily pushing 90-100 frames no problems.  Keep in mind this is only the Alpha stage of the game as well, and I'm sure DICE will be able to optimize BF1 even further, which means even better performance.

DICE is also utilizing DX12 in Battlefield 1, which once all the kinks are worked out should help increase performance even more by taking strain off of your CPU on Windows 10 PCs.  According to the GeForce website most older graphics cards, including my GTX 680, are compatible with DX12, however when trying to use it in the BF1 Alpha, I've crashed everytime until I disable DX12.  

Once this is worked out though, we should be able to anticipate a bump in performance even beyond what our current PC rigs will offer.

I hope this eases some of your minds, especially if you haven't updated your PC in awhile.  If you can run BF4 and Star Wars: Battlefront then you should be good to go with Battlefield 1!

Battlefield 1 Sniping Tips & Tricks for Beginners (BF1 Scout Class)

So there are once again changes to the sniper class in Battlefield 1, now known as the "Scout" class.  One of the major changes being that the class no longer has C4, so you can't take out armor the way you could in Battlefield 4, and although we most likely didn't have access to all the gadgets during the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha, it doesn't appear that the sniping class will have access to gadgets like Claymores or Laser Tripmines like Battlefield Hardline, so you really have to stay mobile to be more effective.

Overall I like the changes.  It forces you to focus on your sniping ability if you want to use the class effectively since you can't just depend on C4 kills, and you can't camp too long because you can't depend on Tripmines to watch your back.

Check out my Battlefield 1 Sniping Tips & Tricks in the video above, and let me know what you think in the comments!