LawBreakers Titan Class Tips & Tricks - Weapons, Special Abilities, Class Role and More!

With the LawBreakers Alpha just around the corner, we're getting a ton of new and useful info about the game straight from the dev team to help players get a jump start with some insider tips and tricks. Here's another official video with some tips for playing the Titan Class, covering the Titan's primary role, function, weapons, and the classes unique special abilities.

LawBreakers - Titan Class Overview - Roles, Abilities, Weapons and much more

LawBreakers Titan Class Weapons:
Hammerhead Rocket Launcher (4 rounds, Fire "Left Mouse Click" , Remote Detonate with "Right Mouse Click" - "Rocket Jump" - Jump and fire a rocket at your feet for an extra boost - "Blindfire Rocket Jump with "CTRL" key
"Crisper" Chain Lightning Gun - Good upclose, not so effective at range - Gun will overheat if trigger is held to long 

LawBreakers Titan Class Role and Abilities: Shock and Awe
"Shift" - Pulverize (Leap and smash down ontop of enemies)"E" - Neutron Mine (Mine that slows enemy movement when triggered)"Q" - Berserk Mode (Temporarily Boosts Health and Supercharges Electrical Damage Output)

What class and abilities are you looking forward to using in LawBreakers? What are your thoughts on the Titan class?

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