LawBreakers - How to play Overcharge Gamemode, Weapons, Class Roles and Abilities

New official LawBreakers video explains how to play the Overcharge gamemode (which will be the first gamemode unlocked in the LawBreakers Alpha), it also shows off loads of different weapons players will have access to, as well as the role of each of the four classes and how to use their special abilities.  Check out the video, and for more details check out our written description below!

How to Play LawBreakers "Overcharge" Gamemode:
1. Grab the Battery from the center of the map
2. Charge the Battery at your base
3. Stolen Batteries maintain their current charge
4. Defend 100% Charge for 20 Seconds
5. Regain Health at stations
6. First team to 2 points wins!

Game Controls:
Abilities - "Q" "E" "Shift"
Blindfire - "CTRL"

Enforcer Class Role and Abilites: Seek and Destroy
"Shift" - Distortion Field Ability (Increase movement, force, and reload speed)
"E" - Electromag Charge (Prevent enemies from activating their abilities)
"Q" - Arm/Fire Bloodhound Launcher (shoulder mounted rocket launcher that fires multiple projectiles)

Vanguard Class Role and Abilities: Death from Above
"Shift" - Afterburners (Faster and more controlled movement around the battlefield)
"E" - Meteor Shells (Throw out exploding shrapnel - combine with "Starfall")
"Q" - Starfall (Ability allows you to smash enemies from above dealing heavy damage, and also creates a 0 gravity bubble after hit)

Assassin Class Role and Abilities: Slice-and-Dice
"Shift" - Dash ---- "Right Mouse Click - Grapple
"E" - Flux Blast (Launches enemies into the air)
"Q" - Frenzy (spin attack that also reveals enemy positions and regenerates health after each kill)

Titan Class Role and Abilities: Shock and Awe
"Shift" - Pulverize (Leap and smash down ontop of enemies)
"E" - Neutron Mine (Mine that slows enemy movement when triggered)
"Q" - Berserk Mode (Temporarily Boosts Health and Supercharges Electrical Damage Output)

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