Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion will be focused around Iron Banner Lore & more Info.

The Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC is set to drop in September, and with another Destiny expansion pack comes many changes to Destiny universe overall.  In this Developer commentary straight from Bungie we get some new insights into Rise of Iron.  One being that the new campaign missions will be focused around Iron Banner Lore, and your Guardian will actually obtain the new Ironlord Gearset through the Rise of IRON missions.

This is no surprise, as from the beginning, Bungie has marketed Destiny as a game heavily focusing on its competitive multiplayer side, and Iron Banner has always brought players into the multiplayer arena, in search of new gear, who may not have touched the competitive multiplayer side otherwise.  Overall... it's just a great community event to get involved with if you're a fan of the game.

Check out the video below for more info directly from Bungie on the new Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion pack!

What we know is coming in Destiny: Rise of Iron:
New Raid
New Gear (Weapons, Armor, Sparrows, Ghosts)
New Strike
New Zone / Environment
New Social Space
New Crucible Mode and Maps
New Enemy Faction and Bosses
Update Zones / Enironments

Are you looking forward to the new Destiny DLC? What has you most excited for Rise of Iron?


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