Destiny: Rise of Iron Images Reveal New Gear, Weapons, Armor, Sparrows, Enemies, and Environments (First Look)

New images from Bungie reveal new weapons, gear, enemies, sparrows, environments and much more coming in the Destiny: Rise Of Iron DLC Expansion Pack.

Although we don't have too many details on the new Destiny: Rise of Iron gear, we are getting a nice sneak peak at a lot of the new weapons and armor, including the new Iron Banner gear, and what looks like a Flamming Axe for either the Titan Class or possibly a new game mode.  We also see Faction Sparrows, a few new environments, and environment updates.  It's all looking pretty good so far, but we can't wait to learn more about the new weapons and armor, including the weapon and armor name, perks, stats.

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What do are you Destiny fans most excited about coming to Rise of Iron? Are you ready for the new raid? What do you think Bungie needs to do to make Destiny: Rise of Iron the best DLC Expansion Pack to-date?


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