Apple iOS 10 Update - Trailer and New Features

The new iOS 10 Update Trailer just released, and Apple is saying that this update will allow you to do things "faster, more simply, and in more expressive ways."

From the iOS 10 trailer (below) "Hey Hi Hello," it does look like you'll be able to communicate with SIRI a little more naturally, as well as use voice features like "voice text" more naturally, which is a very convenient feature.  It also looks like they're adding in some new photo/video editing features that will allow iOS 10 users to be more creative when sharing photos and videos.  Hopefully these will go well with the new Facebook 360 Photo update that just released last week.

One of the major updates to coming with iOS 10 is the update to the messenger app which will allow for deep links.  Deep links will allow you to do things like view YouTube videos directly through the messenger app, and instead of links appearing as a long series of numbers and letters, they'll simply give you a preview of the site.

These are just a few of the features coming with the new iOS 10 update this Fall (2016).

What do you think about the new ways to interact with your Apple devices with iOS 10?  Do you think this is a quality update, or just a smoke screen?  We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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