Fallout 4 All Bobblehead Locations

Here's a quick and simple guide for all Bobblehead Locations in Fallout 4. Each Fallout 4 Bobblehead location is shown on your minimap alongside a short video and explanation to help you locate each one in no time! Enjoy!

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Fallout 4 All Bobblehead Locations with video guide Timestamps!
1. Preception - Located in the "Museum of Freedom" on the desk inside the room with the refugees (0:05)
2. Charisma - Located in "Parsons State Insane Asylum" on the desk in the chief office (0:16)
3. Luck - Can be found on "Spectacle Island" inside a locker within a green ship beached along the shore on the South end of the island (0:26)
4. Agility - Located in the "Wreck of the FMS Northern Star" toward the top of the ship on a ledge. (0:38)
5. Endurance - Located inside "Poseidon Energy" on a desk (0:51)
6. Strength - Located in the "Mass Fusion Building" on top of the statue in the main lobby (1:00)
7. Intelligence - Located at the "Boston Public Library" on the desk inside the control room (1:11)
8. Lockpicking - Located at the "Pickman Gallery" located near the North-end Exit next to a burning trashcan (1:24)
9. Science - Located at "Vault 75" on the desk overlooking the ruins (1:35)
10. Explosives - Located at "Saugus Ironworks" on top of the blast furnace status box (1:45)
11. Medicine - Located inside "Vault 81" on a desk in a room near the elevator (1:58)
12. Big Guns - Located inside "Vault 95" on top of a radio in the northern most room of the living quarters (2:07)
13. Melee - Located in "Trinity Tower" at the very top on the desk inside the room with Rex Goodman and Strong (2:18)
14. Speech - Can be found near "Park Street Station" in "Vault 114" on the desk in the overseers office (2:29)
15. Unarmed - Located in "Atom Cats Garage" being used as a hood ornament on the car in the garage (2:39)
16. Small Guns - Located in "Gunners Plaza" on the desk inside the recording studio (2:49)
17. Sneak - Located inside "Dunwich Borers" on the small desk in the excavation tunnel next to the terminal  (2:59)
18. Barter - Located in "Longneck Lukowski's Cannery" on the desk in the control room overlooking the conveyor belt (3:09)
19. Energy Weapons - Located at "Fort Hagen" inside the open refrigerator in the cafeteria kitchen   (3:21)
20. Repair - Located at "Corvega Assembly Plant" on the outside of the plant at the very top, on the scaffolding near the gas storage (3:33)

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