Destiny: Twilight Garrison Exotic Titan Armor Exclusive Gameplay - Destiny The Taken King Titan Exotic Chest Piece

Here's some rare footage of the new Destiny The Taken King Titan Exotic Chest Piece, Twilight Garrison. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the "Shadestep" perk for the Hunter Nightstalker Subclass which allows you to Evade with a quick movement in any direction. The Twilight Garrison Exotic Chest Armor basically grants the same evade ability to the Titan class.  The only difference is that you don't roll, you simply do a quick dash in whichever direction you would like to.

The evade ability can be very useful with some practice in both PvE and of course PvP. Enjoy this rare gameplay footage of the Twilight Garrison Exotic Chest Piece below from WillisGaming, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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If you're wondering how to get the Twilight Garrison Exotic Titan Armor, it appears that you just have to be extremely lucky. There's no quest for this armor or anything like that, so you're only hope is Exotic Engrams, Nightfalls, or possibly Xur. Start farming those Three of Coins!

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