How to Increase Your Light Level FAST in Preparation for Destiny The Taken King Expansion Pack!

Here are some tips and tricks to Increase your Guardians Light Level Fast in Preparation for the higher level trials coming with the Destiny The Taken King Expansion Pack!

Pre Taken King Tips
Tip #1 - Purchase a Level 34 Ghost from the Speaker. This will increase your Guardians Light Level by 15 for only 820 Glimmer!
Tip #2 - Equip your Highest Rated Armor. Light Level has always been tied to armor in Destiny, and with The Taken King that hasn't changed.  Make sure you have the highest defense ratings on your armor to help boost your Light Level.
Tip #3 - Pay attention to your Class Items. Class Items now have Defense Ratings tied to them. Having the highest rated class item equipped on your Guardian will now also help increase your Light Level.  Make sure to complete the different Hunter, Warlock, and Titan Quests that came in the Destiny 2.0 Update to receive a level 30 Class with a 160-180 defense rating, and upon completing the quest you'll also receive a Level 40 Class Item with a 220 defense rating.  These will be crucial to obtain before going into the higher level content that's coming with the Destiny The Taken King Expansion on the 15th!
Tip #4 - Equip your Highest Rated Weapons. Light Level is no longer only tied to Defense Rating.  It's also tied to Attack Rating on your weapons as well after the Destiny 2.0 update.  By equipping your highest rated weapons you can easily increase your Light Level with weapons you already have.

Post Taken King Tips
Tip #5 - Don't immediately discard Blue or Rare Armor and Weapons. Bungie has made it clear that even Blue or Rare Armor and Weapons coming in the Taken King Expansion Pack may have higher attack or defense ratings than your current Legendary or even Exotic Armor and Weapons.  Make sure you're comparing each Blue or Rare item with your current items to see how they stack up!
Tip #6 - Artifacts - With Destiny The Taken King you will also be able to equip "Artifacts."  No only will Artifacts boost certain stats like Discipline, Intellect or Strength, but Artifacts will also have a Defense Rating tied to them which means your Light Level will increase immediately upon receiving your first Artifact! Keep your eyes out for these gems scattered around the Dreadnaught Ship!

For more details, examples, and tips, check out my video guide above!

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