Destiny "The Nightstalker's Trial" FULL Walkthrough Guide | Destiny The Taken King Hunter Subclass

Wondering how to unlock Destiny's new Nightstalker Subclass for the Hunter? Check out my full walkthrough of "The Nightstalker's Trial" Quest below, and enjoy some epic Taken King, Void Hunter gameplay!

"The Nightstalker's Trial" is pretty straight forward and shouldn't give even the newest of players any trouble to complete. That being said though, the new Void Subclass for the Hunter is very good and very fun to use, giving Hunters some really unique support role abilities. From tieing down swarms of enemies with your Super, to making you and your whole fireteam go completely invisible with your nade, the Nightstalker Subclass definitely brings something fresh to Destiny and The Taken King, and it's a much welcomed change.

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