Tremor, Mortal Kombat X's Final? Kombat Pack Fighter Coming to Kombat Kast Tuesday

Ed Boon, Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat X and Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios announced on Twitter they would be showing off Tremor, the final Kombat Pack Fighter announced this coming Tuesday on Kombat Kast.  They'll be breaking down the fighter, his combat style, and we'll most likely get to see some of Tremor's Fatalities and Brutalities as well.

Notice the "?" after final? This seems to suggest that Tremor may not be the final DLC character in Mortal Kombat X.

Obviously this is pure speculation, but we have caught wind that there may be another Kombat Pack going on sale after the release of Tremor.

What do you think?

Make sure to stop by Chance Gaming Media next Tuesday to check out the full stream, or follow the official NetherRealm Twitch channel here

Check out Tremor's full Moveset which was leaked from the PC version here


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