Mortal Kombat X Tremor Moveset Uncovered in Game Files! (Tremor Fatalities, Brutalities, X-Ray & More!)

I know many of you Mortal Kombat X fans are looking forward to Tremor who is the final DLC character set to be released in Mortal Kombat X that we know of so far, and now thanks to a Reddit user who dug through the PC game files, we now have Tremor's entire Moveset including Fatalities, Brutalities, X-Ray, Common Specials, Aftershock Specials, and of course Tremor's Metallic Armor moves and Crystalline moves!

Now we're still unsure when Tremor will be released for Mortal Kombat X, but we're assuming sometime between late August and early July as Predator was just released this week for Kombat Pack owners along with Infrared Scorpion, Commando Johnny Cage, and Carl Weathers Jax.  So, Warner Bros. and NetherRealms will probably let players have fun with these new additions at least for a little while before bringing in the much anticipated Tremor to MKX.

But anyways, here are all of Tremor's Moves according to the PC game files.  Keep in mind that some of Tremor's Common Specials will have different names and properties depending on the Tremor Variation you're using at the time.

Common Specials

  • Rock Toss: back forward 2
  • Stone Punch: down back 2
  1. Stone Strike: down back 2up
  2. Stone Smash: down back 2down
  3. Delay: hold 2
  4. Can be dash canceled

  • Stone Shatter: down back 1

  1.  Up Shatter: down back 1 up
  2. Down Shatter: down back 1 down
  3. Delay: hold 1
  4. Cancel: down down

  • Rock Drop: down back 3

  1. Close: down back 3 back
  2. Far down back 3 forward

  • Rolling Stone: back forward 4
  • Ground Pulse: down down 4

Aftershock Specials

  • Earth Shake:  down down 1
  • Air Earth Shake: down down 1

  1. Close: down down 1 back
  2. Far: down down 1 forward


  • Lava Skin: down down 1
  • Lava Armor: hold 1


  1. Summon Krystal: down forward 3
  2. Krystallization: down down 1


  • Rock Bottom


  • Stone Tomb: down away forward away 3 [mid]
  • Stalag-Might: down forward away forward 1 [mid]


  • Rumble Trouble: All three hits of Ground Quake must connect [down down 4 meter burn], final hit from Ground Quake. Available in all variations.
  • Blood Rock: Player must hold down for final hit, final hit from Rock Bottom. Available in all variations.
  • Rock Head: Final hit is Rock Toss [back forward 1] or Boulder Toss [meterburn back forward 1]. Only available in Aftershock variation.
  • It’s Me Tremor: Final hit from Gold Punch [down back 1] or Gold Launch [meter burn down back 1]. Only available in Metallic variation.
  • Krystal Khaos: Tremor must Summon Krystal in final round, final hit from throwing the Krystal [forward+meter burn]. Only available in Crystalline variation.
Tremor was first introduced to the franchise in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, and is a welcomed addition to Mortal Kombat X for most MKX fans!

While you're waiting on Tremor to arrive, check out all of the Predator's Fatalities and Brutalities in 60FPS 1080p!

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