More Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Incoming on IGN

According to the official EA Star Wars Twitter account.  IGN will be hosting a live stream of Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow at 1:00pm PDT.  The stream will once again show off the Walker Assault game mode, and will most likely be from the latest build of the game.

It will be interesting to see if much has changed since the Star Wars Battlefront Alpha, which I was able to participate in, but can't really say too much about.  We still don't know what map the gameplay will be from, but I'm guessing Hoth, which was the map we all saw at E3 2015, but it would be really cool if we got to see one of the new maps like Sullest or Tatooine.

Anyways, I'm definitely excited about Star Wars Battlefront and can't wait to see some more gameplay. Dice may even release some new details about the game during the IGN live stream event. IGN's coverage will begin at 1:00pm PDT on according to the Tweet.

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