How Exactly Will Thorn Be Affected by Destiny Update 2.0 Nerf?

In Bungie's latest weekly update they outlined a ton of weapon changes that should arrive this September near the release of The Taken King expansion pack in Destiny Update 2.0.0. Among many notable Base and Exotic weapon changes, one change has really caught many players attention, and that's the Nerf to the Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon.

Thorn is a very iconic weapon, that aesthetically yells, "Exotic!"

Just the shear look of the weapon makes a player feel like they've obtained something special. Something that's going to set it apart from all the Common or even more Rare weapons in the game. Thorn is truly an Exotic work of art.

Players who received Thorn early on got a great sense of excitement when completing the Exotic Bounty to unlock the weapon, but once they used it, well... let's just say, it didn't live up to it's aesthetic hype.

Then... Bungie Buffed it. They really Buffed it.

After receiving a larger magazine, a higher fire rate, and an increase to the DoT (Damage over Time) Thorn quickly became the most used weapon in the Crucible. The Buff just completely set this weapon apart from the rest of the go-to Crucible weapons... and if you weren't using Thorn then you better bring your A game, because things are going to be rough.

Since then Bungie has certainly realized that they would indeed have to tone done Thorn's fury at least somewhat, and the changes will go into affect just in time for The Taken King expansion.

Now obviously Bungie didn't want Thorn to be as disappointing as it once was and what they've decided on makes since.  All they're doing is simply Nerfing the Thorn's DoT (Damage over Time) to roughly 1/3 of where it's currently at. Thorn's DoT currently does a total of 42 damage (6 ticks at 7 damage a piece).  Nerfing the DoT by 1/3 will take the damage to a total 14 from 42, and this is a pretty significant Nerf.

Now if Bungie had simply stopped there, many players would have probably just put Thorn back in their Vault.  However, instead of Nerfing Thorn into the ground Bungie decided much better approach and are now allowing the DoT to stack up to 5x.  This means that when you land a shot while the DoT is still active, you can add to the Damage over Time... which you currently cannot do.

Now currently Thorn is capable of two-shoting targets at any range with two precision hits, and the DoT will finish them off.  However, since the DoT is getting Nerfed it appears that Thorn will now require one more shot the seal the deal and finish your opponent.

This is an overall good change that will still leave Thorn as a good go-to Crucible weapon that definitely has some Exotic appeal with the Mark of Devourer DoT, however the Nerf will tone it back some so that there is room to use other weapons and still be competitive.

Check out our complete overview of Destiny Update 2.0.0 here, and make sure to check out our video overview below on how Thorn will really be affected by the Nerf.  Also don't forget to Subscribe to Chance Gaming Media on YouTube!

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