Can You Really Make Your PS4 Download Games Faster? Check out my Test!

So, if you've ever downloaded a game on your PS4, you may have noticed incredibly slow download speeds.  I was trying to download a 6GB update for Mortal Kombat X and noticed it was taking about 4-5 times longer than the same file size on my PC.  This made me look into why PS4 download speeds were so much slower, and I ended up coming across several so called "solutions" to the problem.

Please note that in two of the most popular fixes to the slow download speeds on PS4, neither solution shows what their download and upload speeds were before fixing them.  Which means that you just have to trust that they worked, and if they didn't work for you... well, I guess YOU messed up right?

Well, I tried both solution in hopes that I could start downloading my PS4 games faster.

The first solution had me change the Primary and Secondary DNS to a so called "Google" DNS.  This is apparently for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.  This solution actually resulted in slower download and upload speeds consistently.

Now the second solution, I did see a small jump in my download speeds sometimes, but it wasn't consistent.  This solution was to change your MTU settings from 1500 to 1473.  I ran the connection test several times with the new 1473 MTU setting, and sometimes it would be slightly faster, but it was mainly about the same speed as the EASY setup for the most part.

In my test below you'll see the so called "Google" DNS solution, as well as the new MTU Settings.  I even tried mixing the DNS and MTU Settings, which I do not recommend, and of course my connection speed running the EASY setup. What you'll find is that with these more popular solutions at least, there's no significant change in my PS4's download or upload speed.

I'll continue to search for a solution, but if you want to download your PS4 games faster, there really doesn't seem to be any easy fix to this problem.

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