Can you post Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha Gameplay to YouTube, Twitch etc?

With the Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha kicking off just hours ago for selected PC users, I'm sure many of you are wondering, "Can I post my Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha gameplay to social media outlets like YouTube, Twitch and others?"

Well, to simply put it... No.  According to the Disclosure Agreement that players should have read before even accepting the terms of use for the Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha, not only can you not post gameplay or screenshots from the Closed Alpha test to any social media outlets such as YouTube or Twitch, but you can't even discuss specifics of the Alpha Trial either.

Failing to comply with the Disclosure Agreement can result in being removed from the Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha, and EA could decide to ban your Origin account all together.

Apparently some players did not read the Disclosure agreement before hoping into the Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha, as gameplay videos started going up just moments after the Alpha trial launched, and of course were quickly removed from YouTube due to an EA Copyright Claim, which WILL result in a Copyright Strike on these users channels.

So when will you be able to post your Star Wars Battlefront gameplay?  Most likely EA and DICE will allow players to post their gameplay to YouTube during the Star Wars Battlefront Beta.  If there's a Star Wars Battlefront Beta.  Which we assume there will be seeing as DICE is always good about letting players test their games before launch, and I'm sure DICE will want to have a Beta for Star Wars Battlefront in order to stress test their servers before the full release of the game on November 17.  So expect a Star Wars Battlefront Beta sometime between late September and the middle of October on PS4, Xbox One, and PC if there's going to be one at all, and get ready to post your amazing Star Wars Battlefront gameplay then.

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