Call of Duty Blacks Ops 3 Multiplayer - A Game of Many Games (Fall of Duty: Advanced Destiny Ops 3)

Call of Duty's upcoming title Black Ops 3 seems to draw inspiration from many different games.  The obvious are last year's Call of Duty release, Advanced Warfare and of course with them incorporated the wall running mechanic it seems as though they drew a little inspiration from Titanfall as well.  If you look a little closer though, what other games does it appear Treyarch is getting their inspiration from.

In one clip we saw from E3 it appears that they've designed a weapon very similar to a weapon you might see in Halo.  They've also for the first time every added a Bow and Arrow to the game.  Could this just be a different take on the Crossbow seen in early Black Ops games or is this inspiration directly from Battlefield 4's Phantom Bow?

We can't really say anything for sure... of course, but Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer seems to be inspired by many other First Person Shooters, which may not be a bad thing.  I mean at least it's not exactly like Advanced Warfare or even close to Black Ops 2.

What do you guys think?

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