Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildands Tactical Open-World Shooter - New Gameplay Details (Story, Environment, Co-Op, Singleplayer & More)

Ghost Recon is back in a big way in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, an open-world tactical shooter.  The United States most elite soldiers are called to Bolivia, South America in an escalating battle on cocaine trafficing.  They are tasked with strategically taking down the cartel without starting an all out war in hopes of crippling their operations and destroying their support structure.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is set in the near future.  So you and your friends arsenal of weapons and equipment will reflect what most modern day military powers currently use.  This is a big change from recent Ghost Recon games and their futuristic settings with futuristic weapons.  However, it takes Ghost Recon Wildlands back to the root of the series.  Don't worry though, you'll still be well equipped for the task at hand, with highly capable gadgets like drones that will help you strategically survey your targets camps and facilities, tag targets, and of course deploy the first strike.

The main thing that sets Ghost Recon Wildlands apart from previous Ghost Recon titles however is the enormous, ever changing open-world.  This new living world can effect your teams strategy.  Their are many things you'll need to take into account when deciding how to approach a target.  What time of day is it?  On a sunny day you may be more exposed, so you may want to strike from a distance, however during the day, your enemy targets may be trying to get things done in order to keep their business up and running which can leave them vulnerable for a tactical ambush.  Is it nighttime?  The darkness will obviously leave you more cover, but it could be more difficult for your team to identify targets.  Each mission or objective will need to be approached differently by you and your team, and you'll need to take every variable into account for an effective strike.

Another thing you are your team will need to account for are enemy vehicles and escape routes.  Ghost Recon Wildlands first gameplay reveal has already shown off a few vehicles including a highly mobile multi-passenger dune-buggy, dirtbikes, and even a transport helicopter, and their could be even more vehicles available.  Make sure if you're enemy has a clear escape route, you come prepared to meet them on the road.

Now obviously we've looked at a few ways that the environment can influence how players and teams will need to approach different situations, but with an effective strategy you can also effect the environment.  In Ghost Recon Wildlands you'll be able to interact with local rebels, bystanders, or even military officials.  These interactions can prove beneficial in gaining key intel on targets, or they could even provide major setbacks.  You'll first need to learn the relationships between certain people or groups with your target because they could prove more harm than good.  So make sure you know the locals loyalties.

Ghost Recon Wildlands can be played as a single player game or you can team up with friends for an ultimate co-op experience across the beautiful open-world.  Wildlands sounds like it has an absolute ton of replay value being able to approach missions in different ways with different strategies, so even if you do the same mission twice you'll still have a unique experience.

Surprising enough, this is one of the upcoming games I'm personally looking forward to the most.  There's still no release date set for Ghost Recon Wildlands however I think it's pretty safe to say we'll at least see this game by Summer 2016 or sooner.  The new open-world shooter will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What do you guys think about Tommy Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.  Are you excited for an open-world Ghost Recon game?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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