Best YouTube Partnership Network 2016 - 2017 - Curse by Union For Gamers Partnership Review

Curse by Union For Gamers is easily the Best YouTube Partnership for Gamers we've seen so far.  If you're looking to make more money from your YouTube Gaming Videos... Look no further!

Curse by Union For Gamers offers all of their partners a 90% Revenue Share, No Lock-in Contract, No Minimum Payouts, and No Earning Ceiling.  Not only is this one of the top revenue shares on the market EVER, but with a No Lock-in Contract... this is unheard of with ANY other partnership program that has such a high Revenue Share.  This means if for some reason you would like to leave the Union for Gamers partnership program, you're free to do so at any time.  Although, as of the foreseeable future, we don't see any reason you would want to.

Here I've done a little homework for you on some of the other more popular Partnership Networks for Gaming Channels:

  • Machinima Gaming Partnership Program - 60% Revenue Share (2 year lock-in contract)
  • Freedom Partnership Program - 60% Revenue Share (No lock-in contract)
  • Fullscreen Partnership Network - 70% Revenue Share (2 year lock-in contract)
  • Curse by Union For Gamers - 90% Revenue Share (No lock-in contract)

So... Why get ripped off by these other over-hyped YouTube Partnerships for Gamers?

You're the one that's going to be putting in all the work.  I would suggest taking a bigger piece of the pie with the 90-10 revenue split!

Learn more about Curse Union For Gamers Here

So... how do you join Curse by Union for Gamers?

Now some of the requirements may seem daunting for many of you, especially if you're just getting your gaming channel started.  However, for a YouTube Partnership Network of this caliber, these are very obtainable goals for anybody who's willing to put in a little hard work on their channel:

Curse by Union For Gamers Partnership Network Qualifications.
  •     Minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views in the last month OR 8,000 views in the last month.
  •     At least 80% of your videos should be gaming content
  •     No copyright strikes currently on your account*
  •     No community guideline strikes currently on your account
  •     No issues with AdSense**
  •     Not partnered with another network
If you're currently meeting these requirements we would highly recommend clicking Here to get started.  If not continue reading for just a moment.

Like I mentioned above... some of these requirements may seem a little out of reach right now.  BUT, ask any of us who have met these goals, and you would know that they are certainly within your reach.  It just takes a little bit of hard work and commitment.  Do you REALLY want to build a YouTube channel?  Than you can.  If you don't really want to... than you can't.

If you're not there yet... put in the work.  We believe you can achieve these goals in no time with just a little commitment.

In the meantime, please take a moment to learn more about the Curse by Union for Gamers Partnership Network by right Here.

God bless,
Brian D.

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