Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Weapons & More: Tommy Gun, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, & Shotgun!

Today Visceral Released new details about some new tools we'll be getting with the Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC.  This includes 3 new weapons you can equip as part of your loadout, new details on the Nail Gun Battlepickup weapon, info on the 2 new ammunition types and also details on the 2 new rides!

So first off we're getting 3 new weapons specifically for the Enforcer Class.  These include a new Shotgun, a new Battle Rifle, and a new Assault Rifle.

The Shotgun 
The Shotgun is a pump action shotgun only available for the cop side of the Enforcer class.  It holds 14 rounds and Visceral claims this weapon will feel right at home on The Beat and Black Friday maps coming with Criminal Activity.  We still don't know what the shotgun is called, but Visceral says that it's a futuristic shotgun that uses cutting edge technology. Any thoughts?

The Battle Rifle
The new Battle Rifle will only be available to the Criminal side of the Enforcer class.  Visceral is saying this weapon will have an iconic profile with "wooden furniture" for a classic look, but that it will work very well in modern combat.  It's main purpose will be mid to long range combat, but will work very well in close quarters if you can control the weapons heavy recoil.

The Assault Rifle
Yes, the Police side of the Enforcer class will be getting an Assault Rifle.  Visceral says the new assault rifle will have a unique look with a keg style charging handle.  It will offer a slow rate fire and lower recoil than most Battle Rifles so it's easier to control.  It fires a 7.62MM x 51MM round so it will be most effective at mid to long ranges, and has a 24 round magazine which is a larger mag than most Battle Rifles.  This Assault Rifle should give players who have trouble handling the heavy recoil Battle Rifles a much easier to use weapon, and still have access to the Enforcer gadgets like Breaching Charges!

Tommy Gun's for ALL!
Yes the Tommy Gun aka Thompson Sub-Machine gun is coming to Battlefield Hardline with the Criminal Activity update, but will be available to all players who bought Battlefield Hardline as a token of appreciation.  The Tommy Gun will be available to cops and criminals and also be available for all classes!  Visceral says that this weapon will have a slower rate of fire a limited customization options.  The only attachments you'll be able to add to the Tommy Gun are a grip and extended mags. 

Two New Ammo Types
Criminal Activity will also include some new ammunition types that can be equipped to different weapon types.  The Armor Piercing Tracer Rounds (AP Tracer Rounds) are an available attachment for Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, and Marksmen Rifles.  Just like their name says these rounds will do increased damage against armored targets, including armored vehicles, and players using the armored insert.  The AP Tracer Rounds also have a highly visible tracer helping players easily track their rounds, but also make these rounds much more visible to enemy players.

Breaching Rounds are a "short range explosive 12-guage round" that are designed to open doors.  If you expect an enemy player has Sabotaged a door, instead of opening in yourself, you can use the new Breaching Rounds to insure safe passage.  Visceral also says that Breaching Rounds will be effective in close quarters combat as well so they're more than just a glorified door opener. 

Nail Gun Battlepickup
The new Nail Gun Battlepickup instead of firing Bullets will fire nails, just like any nail gun.  You have a 10 round mag, with 4 mags (40 shots total!).  The nail gun is effective in close quarters, and is a capable of  dropping an enemy with one headshot.  Also when using this weapon you won't appear on the minimap which will allow you to get behind enemy lines and silently take out targets.

2 New Rides
As for the 2 new rides coming with Criminal Activity we were introduced to the Lowrider in the Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Reveal Trailer.  The Lowrider will be considered a Sedan, so any unlocks you have for your Sedan class already will be unlocked for the Lowrider.

Pick-Up Truck
The Pick-Up Truck can only be found on the new map Backwoods.  This vehicle can hold up to 5 players.  Two in the enclosed cab, 2 in the truck bed, and 1 player can crouch behind the tailgate.  Sounds like a really fun vehicle to terrorize the dirt roads of Backwoods in and will probably be a powerful ride when it's full!  

We still don't have an exact release date for Criminal Activity but if it's launching according to the Premium calender then Premium players should be getting the expansion pack June 30th.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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