Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC - New Features & Weapon Impressions! (Tactical Toolkit & Reputation Tier Preselection)

Check out the new Tactical Toolkit coming with the Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC update.  The Tactical Toolkit can be equipped in one of your gadget slots and this will increase your interaction speeds on objectives.  For example you'll be able to plant Heist charges faster, take money from Blood Money vaults faster, or untie hostages faster while playing Rescue.  The Tactical Toolkit may be really good for players who are always playing the objective, but since it takes up a gadget slot, for most players I don't see this being a worth while upgrade.

Now Visceral has also added in a feature where you can now Pre-Select your Reputation Boosts, so that you don't have to worry about selecting them while you're in the heat of the battle.  I think this is an absolutely amazing feature and I'm really glad that they're implementing this with the Criminal Activity DLC.

Make sure to check out how each of this new features work in Battlefield Hardline by watching the video above, and also some of my thoughts on all of the Criminal Activity weapons.  Also if you want to stay up to date with everything new in Hardline come check out my YouTube channel for all the latest news and gameplay!  I'll definitely be all over the new Criminal Activity DLC which launches this coming Tuesday!

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