Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC Gameplay - ALL New Maps. ALL New Weapons!

Today I gathered some gameplay footage of all 4 new maps coming in the Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC with all of the new Criminal Activity weapons!  So far I'm really enjoying Backwoods and Code Blue the most, but I have a feeling once I grow more accustom to The Beat and Black Friday I may begin to really enjoy those maps as well.  Backwoods by far has the most classic Battlefield map feel, and Code Blue just offers a wide variety of gameplay from close to medium range combat as well as some vertical gameplay on the roof of the Nightclub.  There is quite a bit of variety between all the maps though so if you enjoy Hardline then I think you'll find Criminal Activity a great addition to the game.

As far as the Criminal Activity weapons, I'm really enjoying the M1A1 "Tommy Gun" as expected.  It's certainly not overpowered but it's just a ton of fun to use.  It could also be really useful on the Professional class to allow for a bit more objective based gameplay instead of having to sit back more with a sniper rifle or marksmen rifle.

The FAL Battle Rifle is also another great weapon.  Not sure of the exact stats on it, but it seems to pack a devastating blow to your targets at any range, so if you can control the recoil you can just be an absolute monster on the Battlefield.  I think a lot of Hardline players who enjoy playing enforcer will be running with the FAL quite a bit simply because of it's larger magazine, and it still seems to do good damage.

The SG510 Battle Rifle is also a really good weapon.  It excels at medium to long range, and of course if you can land your shots, since this is a Battle Rifle you'll be outputting a ton of damage.  This weapon was definitely made for the open-forest terrain of Backwoods, so make sure to test it's capabilities there.

And finally we have the KSG12 Pump Action Shotgun.  This weapon is an absolute BEAST!  It's a bullpup shotgun that chambers 14 rounds.  This is the largest round capacity of any shotgun in Battlefield Hardline and it works extremely well on all of the new Criminal Activity maps.  I like controlling the center of the Nightclub on Code Blue with the KSG12 and just daring anyone to come and take it from me.  Well, that and the dance floor!

Oh and who could forget the Nail Gun! The Nail Gun is easily the most fun Battlepickup weapons EVER!  Just get up close and destroy your enemy.  P.S. you don't appear on the minimap when firing :)

I would love to hear what you guys think about the new Criminal Activity gameplay we've seen over the past day or two.  What do you think of the new maps and weapons?  Also don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for much more Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity gameplay and more!

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