Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity: Bounty Hunter Game Mode Details

Visceral has finally release some information about the new Bounty Hunter Game Mode coming with the Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC.  Bounty Hunter sounds very similar to a popular game mode in Call of Duty called Kill Confirmed.  In Kill Confirmed you everytime a player dies they drop a set of dog tags, so you collect the enemy dog tags to confirm a kill, and the enemy attempts to collect your teams dog tags.  The team that collects the most dog tags wins.

The concept in Battlefield Hardline's Bounty Hunter is almost identical expect that instead of dropping dog tags, when a player is killed they will drop "Bounty Coins."  Whichever team collects the most Bounty Coins wins.  Check out the video above for more details on  the new Bounty Hunter game mode including a Pro Call of Duty Tip that I picked up in my CoD days that should work just as good in Bounty Hunter!

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The Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Expansion Pack is set to drop later this month with 4 new maps, 4 weapons, 2 new rides, the new Bounty Hunter game mode and more!

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