Batman Arkham Knight Poor PC Performance (Max Settings Gameplay)

Despite the solid launch on PS4 and Xbox One for Batman Arkham Knight, the PC version is certainly underperforming.  Currently the game is locked at 30 frames per second on the PC, unless you adjust the frame rate cap in the config files, and even if you do, the game still struggles to maintain a consistent fps even on the highest end machines.  Developer Rocksteady is certainly aware of the issue, and says their working alongside an "external PC development partner" (most likely Iron Galaxy Studios) on a fix.

This is really unfortunate for those of us playing on the PC.  I've currently experienced the lack-luster performance first-hand.  I found it much better not to adjust the config files for a higher frame rate because at least if Batman Arkham Knight is locked at 30fps you don't experience many dips.  Stutters on the other hand are very clearly seen throughout the game however.

Check out the Batman Arkham Knight gameplay above on the highest graphics settings locked at 30fps on the PC, and head over to my YouTube channel for more Batman Arkham Knight gameplay.

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