Massive Buff Coming to Battlefield Hardline's AWM, R700 & .338 Magnum Rounds

In a recent Battlelog post by Visceral Games' Thad Sasser, we got a ton of details regarding upcoming changes to Battlefield Hardline coming in Patch 2 including more weapon balance changes.  One of the main things that caught my eye was a change to the AWM and the R700 bolt action sniper rifles.  With many players now unlocking the .300 Knockout, these two weapons have kind of been pushed to the side simply because they don't match up to the killing potential of the Knockout with it's one hit kill potential up to 50 meters.

So one thing Visceral is doing in order to make these weapons a more viable option is increasing their max damage, effectively increasing the one hit kill potential, to 30 meters from 12.5 meters which is an absolutely massive buff to both of the weapons.  Now if you've already unlocked the .300 Knockout, you may be thinking, how will this make these weapons viable since the Knockouts one hit kill range is still significantly better.

Well Visceral has taken this into consideration.  Now currently .338 Magnum Rounds increase both the AWM's and R700's one hit kill range to 25 meters from 12.5 meters.  After Patch 2 however, .338 Magnum Rounds will increase both weapons OHK range beyond 30 meters.  Now we're not sure how much of an increase we'll get yet, Visceral is apparently still working this out, but it wouldn't be surprising if we got the same one hit kill range as the .300 Knockout, seeing as .338 Magnum Rounds have quite a few drawbacks, including a reduction in rate of fire (down to 35 rpm) and an increase in vertical recoil.  Since the .300 Knockout doesn't really have any drawbacks apart from it's slower muzzle velocity and still has an extremely long OHK range, personally I think it would be a great idea to let these weapons match the .300's OHK range.

Now Visceral is also considering giving .338 Magnum Rounds increase effectiveness against the armored insert as well.  Now although we don't have any specifics on this, it would be very interesting to see if the AWM and R700 with Magnum Ammo equipped might possibly have a short OHK range against the armored insert which would definitely give players a reason to use these weapons, if not over the .300 Knockout, at least alongside the weapon.

So some very interesting changes coming to the AWM and R700.  I'll continue to keep you guys updated on any other changes coming to Hardline right here, and get the latest Battlefield Hardline news first on my YouTube channel.

What do you guys think about the buff coming to these two bolt action sniper rifles?  Will you be using them more often after Patch 2?

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