Battlefield Hardline: All Criminal Activity Mask Abilities, Perks & Boosts!

Battlefield Hardline's first DLC is set to launch this month for Premium owners and with the expansion come 6 new Masks.  Here's all the abilities, perks, and boosts tied to all 8 Masks in Battlefield Hardline including the new Criminal Activity Masks and the two current Masks.

Current Masks:
Dinosaur - 20% Quickdraw Bonus
Wolf - 10% Teamplay Bonus

Criminal Activity Masks:
Rabbit - 10% Gearhead Bonus
Gorilla - 20% Reputation Bonus

Cop Helmets:
Motorcycle - 10% Gearhead Bonus
Tactical - 20% Reputation Bonus
Riot - 10% Teamplay Bonus
Ballistic - 20% Quickdraw Bonus

Alongside the 6 new masks, Battlefield Hardline's Criminal Activity DLC will feature 4 new maps, 3 new weapons, 2 new vehicles, 1 new gadget, a new Battlepickup Weapon, and a new Bounty Hunter game mode.  What news Masks are you looking forward to?

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