Battlefield 4 Weapon Crate DLC - L86A2 LMG Gameplay

Here's some gameplay with the new Battlefield 4 L86A2 LMG.  This weapon will become available to all Battlefield 4 players with a free BF4 Weapon Crate DLC alongside the AN-94 Assault Rifle, Groza-1 Carbine, Groza-4 PDW, and Mare's Leg Lever Action Sidearm!

The L86A2 does have a smaller magazine than the Battlefield 3 version with no option for the Extended Magazine, which is pretty dissappointing, however, if you ever wanted to play the Support Class with an Assault Rifle well this is pretty much what you're getting with Battlefield 4's L86A2.

Check out some gameplay with the new L86A2 Light Machine Gun above, and look forward to this weapon coming in a free BF4 Weapon Crate DLC soon!

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