Battlefield 4 AN-94 "Prototype" Gameplay - Weapon Crate DLC

Yesterday evening DICE released all 5 weapons we can expect in an upcoming Weapons Crate DLC onto Battlefield 4 CTE servers.  The update which will also include night maps as well as other changes is expected to release this Spring, hopefully by the end of May.  The 5 weapons you can look forward to are the AN-94 assault rifle, the Groza-1 Carbine, the Groza-4 PDW, the L86A2 LMG, and the Mare's Leg rifle sidearm.  First thing we had to test out was the AN-94 seeing as it was a personal favorite assault rifle in Battlefield 3.

Now the new Battlefield 4 AN-94 definitely isn't the same weapon we saw in Battlefield 3, at least now.  Currently the weapons max rate of fire is 600 rpm, even in burst fire mode.  In Battlefield 3 there was no delay between burst so you could technically hit upwards of 1200 rpm.  That's not saying that Battlefield 4's AN-94 is not a great weapon.  It just doesn't have the close quarters effectiveness as we witnessed in BF3.  However at range this is easily one of the most accurate easy to use assault rifles, and that definitely gives the AN-94 a place on many of Battlefield 4's larger maps like Rouge Transmission or even Golmud Railway.

Now the weapon stats could very well be adjusted before we see the AN-94 hit the retail version of BF4.  This is just the Alpha stage of the weapons life.  As you can tell by the gameplay, the weapon doesn't even have textures yet.  So it's currently being tested and I'm sure DICE will be taking lots of feedback from the Battlefield 4 CTE community.

Please take a moment to check out some gameplay of the AN-94 Prototype above, and let us know your thoughts.  Also don't for get to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and more!

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