Destiny: New Archon Priest "Cheese" Spot - Weekly Nightfall Strike Winter's Run Safe Spot

Hey guys here's a brand new "Cheese" or Safe Spot for the Archon Priest boss fight.  I used it in this weeks (3/10/15) Weekly Nightfall Strike and it works like a charm.  One thing you'll want to be cautious about when using this method are the drop ships which arrive when you get the Archon Priest's health to 25%.  If you're running a Titan, make sure you are running defender with bubble (no need for Bastion).  Just make sure you have your Super once the drop ship arrives.  If you're running Hunter, you can also use your Arc Blade Super and go invisible, just make sure you have Shadowjack unlocked and equipped. Hunter is a little bit more risky, but can definitely work if you use your Super at the right time.  If you're running a Warlock make sure you're running Sunsinger, and equip the perk which makes you much more difficult to to kill when you use your Super, you'll also have to jump a bit once the drop ship arrives to try and avoid direct hits, but this method can also be effective, but is by far the most risky.  If it works though you can burn down the Archon Priest's health quite a bit with your grenades, and might even kill him before the drop ships leave.  The Warlock is by far the most risky method though.  I personally recommend running this method with at least one Defender Titan however as it's by far your best bet.  Anyways' here is the new Archon Priest "Cheese" Spot, and I hope you find it helpful.  Please make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel here or you can click the Subscribe button in the top right hand corner of the page.  Enjoy!

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