Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Performance Issues on 64 Player Servers & Hardline's Overall Netcode

So with EA Access I got to play Battlefield Hardline for 10 hours on the Xbox One.  Just under an hour of that was playing the single player campaign, and then it was on to the Multiplayer, where I got just over 9 hours of gameplay in.  I got to play all 9 maps in Battlefield Hardline and a variety of different game modes including Rescue, Heist, Hotwire, and Conquest.  For the most part Battlefield Hardline's performance was steller, however on 64 player Conquest Large servers were several occasions where I did experience dramatic frame drops when there was lots of action going on in a small portion of the map.

On 32 player servers, I didn't experience any frame loss at all, and if there was any it was so subtle I didn't notice it, but many times the frame drop would plummet on 64 player servers.  I'm not sure if Visceral and DICE will be able to optimize Battlefield Hardline's performance beyond it's current state, but if they can't it will be very unfortunate for players on the Xbox One who enjoy 64 player Conquest.

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