Battlefield Hardline K10 Weapon Review & Best Setup!

Here's our full review of the Mechanic Class K10 PDW or Sub Machine Gun from Battlefield Hardline including the official weapon stats from Symthic.  This is the first time the K10 Vector has appeared in the Battlefield series, and for most players this weapon does not disappoint.  For everyone else, well . . .they haven't used it.

Up close the K10 will absolute destroy it's targets due to the weapons 1200 rpm and 34 maximum damage within 10 meters.  As long as you can catch your targets up close, you should have no problems doing well with this monster on any map.  However, outside of 30 meters the K10's damage does drop off to 12 per round, so taking out targets is a little more difficult but if you can land your shots you should have no problems within 50 meters.  Long range is not this weapons friend though because of it's high horizontal recoil which you won't notice up close, but over range it is very apparent.

Our recommended setup for the K10 includes a Suppressor.  The Suppressor will allow you to get behind enemy lines, play up close, and of course stay off the minimap.  We've also gone with the laser sight which improves hip fire accuracy so this is a must for close quarters gameplay.  With the laser sight equipped if you're within 15-20 meters of your target there's no need to ADS with the K10.  Finally we've also gone with the M45 (RDS).  This optic doesn't add any additional zoom, but when dealing with targets a little further away, we've found this sight very useful.  Please take a moment to check out our full review of the K10 above and see this beast in action, and don't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube for the latest Battlefield Hardline tips and tricks!

K10 Weapon Stats:

Rate of Fire: 1200
Magazine Capacity: 25 (26 with one in the chamber)
Muzzle Velocity/Bullet Velocity: 310 m/s (180 m/s with a suppressor equipped)
Maximum Damage: 34 within 10 meters
Minimum Damage: 12 outside of 30 meters
Reload Speed Short: 1.5 secs
Reload Speed Long: 2.23 seconds
Vertical Recoil: 0.22
Horizontal Recoil to the Left: 0.45
Horizontal Recoil to the Right: 0.45

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