Battlefield Hardline AKM Weapon Review & Best Setup

Here's our full review of the AKM assault rifle from Battlefield Hardline including the weapons official stats from Symthic.  This is the first time the AKM has appeared in a Battlefield title apart from the AKM S which is a variant of the weapon which appeared in Battlefield Vietnam.

The AKM has a slow fire rate but extremely high damage giving it very fast killing potential at any range.  However the weapon does have quite a bit of recoil compared many other Operator Class weapons in Battlefield Hardline so controlling this weapon over longer ranges can prove a challenge for an untrained player.  In the right hands however the AKM is easily one of the best weapons in Battlefield Hardline offering a two hit kill potential at any range with two headshots. 

Our recommended setups for this weapon are either laser sight or exteneded mags.  The AKM doesn't have the greatest hip fire accuracy so equipping the laser can definitely prove useful in close quarters gun fights.  However, you might want to equip extended mags if you're going to be playing more of a defensive role.  Next we recommend either the Folding Grip or the Stubby Grip.  Go with the Folding Grip for a more defensive style of gameplay.  This will reduce some of the weapons initial recoil and enable you to pick off targets at fairly long range with 2/3 round bursts.  Once you get a better feel for the weapon you can equip the Stubby Grip, this will allow you to burst the weapon longer in medium range gun fights which can prove useful against other higher fire rate weapons.  The sight or optic you use is going to come to down to personal preference.  The Kobra sight is a very versatile sight though which proves useful in both long and close quarters situations.

Here's an overview of the AKM's weapon stats:

Rate of Fire: 600
Magazine Capacity: 30 (35 with extended mags) - Add one round with one in the chamber
Muzzle Velocity/Bullet Velocity: 580 m/s
Maximum Damage: 36 within 30 meters
Minimum Damage: 25 outside of 50 meters
Vertical Recoil: 0.6
Horizontal Recoil to the Left: 0.15
Horizontal Rocoil to the Right: 0.4

AKM Gold Gun Gameplay

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