Battlefield Hardline .300 Knockout Weapon Review & How to Unlock! (Battlefield Hardline Best Sniper Rifle)

Here's our full review of the Professional Class .300 Knockout bolt action sniper rifle from Battlefield Hardline including weapon stats and how to unlock this weapon.  This is another weapon making it's first appearance in the Battlefield series, and it can only be unlocked by completing the Professional Syndicate Assignment.

Now the thing that makes the .300 Knockout such a great weapon is it's killing potential up close.  This weapon actually does a 100 damage up to 50 meters.  This means that if you hit your target in the chest or above within that range then they will die . . .apart from a Mechanic with the Armored Insert equipped.  This type of damage model has not been seen yet in a Battlefield game, and it would be interesting to see if this carries over to future Battlefield titles.
Now the downsides to the .300 Knockout include a very slow muzzle velocity of around 300 m/s.  This is due to the built in suppressor that players cannot unequip.  This makes the .300 Knockout sniper rifle pretty much useless at long range, and pretty difficult at medium range to hit moving targets.  However, if you can master this weapon, it can easily be one of the most deadly weapons in Battlefield Hardline, and I would easily say that this is by far the best bolt action sniper rifle in the game, if not the best weapon overall.

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.300 Knockout Weapon Stats from Symthic:

Rate of Fire: 60
Magazine Capacity: 5 (15 with extended mags!)
Muzzle Velocity/Bullet Velocity: 300 m/s
Maximum Damage: 100 within 50 meters
Minimum Damage: 50 outside of 80 meters
Reload Speed Short: 3.2 secs
Reload Speed Long: 4.5 secs
Vertical Recoil: 0.2
Horizontal Recoil to the Left: 0.01
Horizontal Recoil to the Right: 0.01

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