Battlefield Hardline News: Upcoming Patch Address RPG's, TDM Spawns, Flinch & More!

Recently on Battlelog, Visceral Games outlined some upcoming changes regarding weapon balancing in Battlefield Hardline, and today they've outlined even more changes that we can expect in the first Battlefield Hardline Patch coming in the "near future."  Visceral hasn't put any exact date on Patch One for Battlefield Hardline, but it is expected to release soon on all platforms with many platform specific updates including bug fixes, crashes, and more.

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Battlefield Hardline News: Weapon Balance Coming in Patch One! (K10 Nerf, AKM Nerf, & More)

Here's a few weapon balancing changes we might see in Patch One for Battlefield Hardline.  Visceral Games outlined these changes the other day, stating that these are changes that they are "considering."  So nothing is set in stone at this point, and hopefully we will see a few more changes than these.  With everyone once again gravitating towards the M16A3 and M416 because of their extreme versatility, it would be nice if these weapons were rebalanced and tweaked, if for nothing else, so that we would see a little bit more variety on the Battlefield.

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Chance list straight from Visceral Games post on Battlelog

- K10: Reduce bullet damage to 33
- Saiga and PTR: reduce recoil to bring more in line with Cop faction DMRs
- HCAR and HK51: reduce recoil to bring more in line with SCAR-H and SA-58
- .410 Jury: Increase damage per pellet to become more effective
- FMG-9 and M/45: Increase damage per round to 25 and push out falloff start range to make these weapons more effective
- Battlerifle min damage increased to 25 across the board
- AKM min damage reduced to 24

Visceral does seem to be interested in player feedback, so make sure to visit their post by clicking the Battlelog link above and leave your thoughts!

Battlefield Hardline .300 Knockout Weapon Review & How to Unlock! (Battlefield Hardline Best Sniper Rifle)

Here's our full review of the Professional Class .300 Knockout bolt action sniper rifle from Battlefield Hardline including weapon stats and how to unlock this weapon.  This is another weapon making it's first appearance in the Battlefield series, and it can only be unlocked by completing the Professional Syndicate Assignment.

Now the thing that makes the .300 Knockout such a great weapon is it's killing potential up close.  This weapon actually does a 100 damage up to 50 meters.  This means that if you hit your target in the chest or above within that range then they will die . . .apart from a Mechanic with the Armored Insert equipped.  This type of damage model has not been seen yet in a Battlefield game, and it would be interesting to see if this carries over to future Battlefield titles.

Battlefield Hardline K10 Weapon Review & Best Setup!

Here's our full review of the Mechanic Class K10 PDW or Sub Machine Gun from Battlefield Hardline including the official weapon stats from Symthic.  This is the first time the K10 Vector has appeared in the Battlefield series, and for most players this weapon does not disappoint.  For everyone else, well . . .they haven't used it.

Up close the K10 will absolute destroy it's targets due to the weapons 1200 rpm and 34 maximum damage within 10 meters.  As long as you can catch your targets up close, you should have no problems doing well with this monster on any map.  However, outside of 30 meters the K10's damage does drop off to 12 per round, so taking out targets is a little more difficult but if you can land your shots you should have no problems within 50 meters.  Long range is not this weapons friend though because of it's high horizontal recoil which you won't notice up close, but over range it is very apparent.

Battlefield Hardline AKM Weapon Review & Best Setup

Here's our full review of the AKM assault rifle from Battlefield Hardline including the weapons official stats from Symthic.  This is the first time the AKM has appeared in a Battlefield title apart from the AKM S which is a variant of the weapon which appeared in Battlefield Vietnam.

The AKM has a slow fire rate but extremely high damage giving it very fast killing potential at any range.  However the weapon does have quite a bit of recoil compared many other Operator Class weapons in Battlefield Hardline so controlling this weapon over longer ranges can prove a challenge for an untrained player.  In the right hands however the AKM is easily one of the best weapons in Battlefield Hardline offering a two hit kill potential at any range with two headshots. 

Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Performance Issues on 64 Player Servers & Hardline's Overall Netcode

So with EA Access I got to play Battlefield Hardline for 10 hours on the Xbox One.  Just under an hour of that was playing the single player campaign, and then it was on to the Multiplayer, where I got just over 9 hours of gameplay in.  I got to play all 9 maps in Battlefield Hardline and a variety of different game modes including Rescue, Heist, Hotwire, and Conquest.  For the most part Battlefield Hardline's performance was steller, however on 64 player Conquest Large servers were several occasions where I did experience dramatic frame drops when there was lots of action going on in a small portion of the map.

On 32 player servers, I didn't experience any frame loss at all, and if there was any it was so subtle I didn't notice it, but many times the frame drop would plummet on 64 player servers.  I'm not sure if Visceral and DICE will be able to optimize Battlefield Hardline's performance beyond it's current state, but if they can't it will be very unfortunate for players on the Xbox One who enjoy 64 player Conquest.

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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Tips & Tricks - How to Level Up Fast & Get Money!

Hey guys!  Check out my latest video showing you the fastest way to level up and get money in Battlefield Hardline!  This is easily the most consistent method I've found, and if you're looking to get some easy money in order to purchase new weapons, gadgets, and camos etc in Hardline then this is a sure fire way to get the cash you need quickly.

So first off, all you need to do is find a Hotwire server.  If you're playing with friends, make sure you're all running mechanic, with at least one rep and plenty of fire power that can take down enemy vehicles quickly.  Make sure you find the highest populated server you can to ensure lots of action.  If you work together efficiently, you should not only be able to go on some massive Hotwire Point Streaks, but you'll also get tons of points for Hotwire Takedowns and Takedown Assists and you're rep will get descent points for Squad Repairs as well.

Now if you're playing alone, I personally recommend looking for a low population server . . .the lowest populated server you can possibly find, and simply driving around or maybe even riding with a teammate trying to get the highest Hotwire Point Streaks you can obtain.  Low population servers are much easier to get some really high Hotwire point streaks when you're playing solo simply because just don't bother you as much, and there generally all just driving around anyways, so you can just go on some insane Hotwire Point Streaks and let the points and cash stack.

Now overall, I would highly recommend playing with teammates and going into a higher population server.  Not only are you gonna get a lot more points from vehicle destroys and Squad bonuses, but it's also just a lot more fun!  So, this would be ideal.  If you're friends aren't around though and you're just trying to earn some quick cash and level up a bit faster, a low population server can do the trick, but after a while it will get pretty monotonous.  But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay on Riptide & Two Must Own Operator Weapons!

Check out this Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay on the map Riptide, using the SG553 and AKS-74U.  These are two really great Operator weapons.  The AKS deals high damage up close and the SG553 dispatches targets quickly at longer ranges.  If you're not sure which weapons you should spend your easy money on . . .I would highly recommend these two.  Check out this Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay below and for more Battlefield Hardline make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel by click the YouTube button in the top right hand corner of the screen!

Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay on Growhouse

Check out this Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay on the map Growhouse.  Growhouse is a really faced-paced map with a nice layout and offers a variety of different gameplay.  You can play on the surface level, hold the rooftops, and even go underground (where the Growhouse is located).  This is easily my favorite Battlefield Hardline map so far, although I really enjoy all of them.  Check out Growhouse in my first Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer video from the Full Release Version!  Subscribe here for many more Hardline videos to come, or simply click the Subscribe button in the top right hand corner of this page!

Battlefield Hardline Single Player Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - Episode 1 "Back to School"

Here's the second part of our complete Battlefield Hardline Single Player Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough.  This episode is called "Back to School," and now Mendoza is following a lead from their drug bust in the previous episode, and get's assigned a new partner who's had run ins with a drug dealer called Tap they're trying to locate.  This episode slows down a bit, letting the player learn a few more useful mechanics for future missions.  It's also very apparent that Visceral Games was really going for a crime drama TV show feel for this game, and so far it's played out pretty nicely.  Enjoy Episode 1 of the Battlefield Hardline campaign, and Subscribe here for high quality Battlefield Hardline videos and gameplay.

Battlefield Hardline Single Player Campaign Gameplay Part 1 - Prologue

Check part one of our complete Battlefield Hardline single player campaign walkthrough right now!  This is the Prologue which sets the stage for Battlefield Hardline's face paced nature.  First we get a glimpse three years into the future and see lead character Alex Mendoza in cuffs on a Police transport bus headed towards what we can only assume is a maximum security prison.  The guard approches Mendoza and refers to him as a dirty cop.  It's unsure yet whether or not Mendoza was truly a crooked cop yet or not, because after their brief conversation you take control of Mendoza three years prior on a drug bust.  This is where the fun begins.

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Destiny: New Archon Priest "Cheese" Spot - Weekly Nightfall Strike Winter's Run Safe Spot

Hey guys here's a brand new "Cheese" or Safe Spot for the Archon Priest boss fight.  I used it in this weeks (3/10/15) Weekly Nightfall Strike and it works like a charm.  One thing you'll want to be cautious about when using this method are the drop ships which arrive when you get the Archon Priest's health to 25%.  If you're running a Titan, make sure you are running defender with bubble (no need for Bastion).  Just make sure you have your Super once the drop ship arrives.  If you're running Hunter, you can also use your Arc Blade Super and go invisible, just make sure you have Shadowjack unlocked and equipped. Hunter is a little bit more risky, but can definitely work if you use your Super at the right time.  If you're running a Warlock make sure you're running Sunsinger, and equip the perk which makes you much more difficult to to kill when you use your Super, you'll also have to jump a bit once the drop ship arrives to try and avoid direct hits, but this method can also be effective, but is by far the most risky.  If it works though you can burn down the Archon Priest's health quite a bit with your grenades, and might even kill him before the drop ships leave.  The Warlock is by far the most risky method though.  I personally recommend running this method with at least one Defender Titan however as it's by far your best bet.  Anyways' here is the new Archon Priest "Cheese" Spot, and I hope you find it helpful.  Please make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel here or you can click the Subscribe button in the top right hand corner of the page.  Enjoy!