Destiny: How to Kill Crota on Hard Mode - Crota's End Raid Guide

The Dark Below Expansion has presented Guardians with an all new challenge with the Crota's End Raid, and after a month of stomping Crota on Normal, we now have the chance to take him out on Hard.  With Hard Mode however, not only are there some brand new mechanics to the fight, one of the major one's being that there is NO Chalice, but the fight of course brings higher level enemies as well (Level 33).  If you cleared the Abyss and Bridge portions of the raid, and are struggling to deal with Crota himself, check out this great Crota's End Raid guide for killing Crota on Hard Mode. This strategy might be just what you and your fireteam need to down the overgrown Hive boss and secure yourselves some epic loots!

All possible loot from defeating Crota on Hard:
Crota's End Raid Helmet (All Classes)
Word of Crota Raid Hand Cannon (Void)
Fing of Ir Yut Raid Scout Rifle(Arc)
Crux of Crota (Necrochasm Upgrade Material)
Exotic Weapons

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