What you need to know about Destiny's Iron Banner Tournament (Fast Legendary Armor & Weapons!)

The Iron Banner is a limited time Crucible event that offers players who participate unique rewards including Legendary armor and weapons, unique Emblems and Shaders, and of course a unique Class Item.  One thing you'll want to be aware of with this particular event is that unlike your everyday Crucible games, in the Iron Banner Tournament, level advantages are enabled.  This means that your weapon and armor stats that you've worked so hard to attain will actually come into play.  Players at higher levels will have increased defense and deal more weapon damage, while players at lower levels won't have as much defense or deal as much damage.  Like Lord Saladin says, "The Iron Banner is not for the weak," simply meaning that players who have put the time in to level up will be at a significant advantage over players who aren't quite there yet.

To purchase Iron Banner items you'll need to increase your Iron Banner rank/reputation.  The fastest way to increase your rep is simply to win.  You'll be playing Control so make sure to help your team capture Zones so you can increase your rank fast.  There are bounties you can take that will also help you increase your rank, but winning is by far going to be the fastest way.  Once you reach Iron Banner Rank 1 make sure to purchase the Class Item from Lord Saladin in the Tower.  Equipping the Class Item will also help you increase your Iron Banner rank a bit faster, and will also enable you to take more bounties that require that you use it.

The rewards for the Iron Banner will obviously change each time there is a new Iron Banner event (which seems to occur once per month), so you'll be able to collect all the unique Iron Banner weapons and armor pieces over time.  We highly suggest participating in Destiny's Iron Banner event, especially if you want to earn some Legendary gear fast.  Ranking up in the Iron Banner is much easier than events like the Queen's Wrath which took well over a week to reach rank 3.  As long as your winning, you should hit Iron Banner Rank 3 in a matter of days, and if you take up bounties and equip the Class Item maybe even faster.

Remember guys, have fun and PTFO!!

Here are all the possible rewards you can obtain by participating in Destiny's Iron Banner Tournament! Some of these rewards will be dropped randomly at the end of the round and of course you'll be able to earn a few of these pieces simply from increasing your Iron Banner Rank!

All 9 Destiny Iron Banner Legendary Weapons
    Efrideet’s Spear - Sniper Rifle
    Felwinter’s Lie - Shotgun
    Gheleon’s Demise - Scout Rifle
    Jolder’s Hammer - Machine Gune
    Perun’s Fire - Fusion Rifle
    Radegast’s Fury - Rocket Launcher
    Silimar’s Wrath - Auto Rifle
    Skorri’s Revenge - Pulse Rifle
    Timur’s Lash - Hand Cannon

All 12 Destiny Iron Banner Legendary Armor Pieces
    Iron Regalia Mask
    Iron Regalia Sleeves
    Iron Regalia Vest
    Iron Regalia Boots

    Iron Regalia Helm
    Iron Regalia Gauntlets
    Iron Regalia Plate
    Iron Regalia Greaves

    Iron Regalia Hood
    Iron Regalia Gloves
    Iron Regalia Vestments
    Iron Regalia Boots

Class Items

    Jolder’s Iron Sash
    Mantle of Gheleon
    Skorri’s Iron Bond


    Million Million


    Sigil of the Iron Lords
    Scar of Radegast


    Birth of History

10 Bounties

    Anvil of Light - Defeat 50 Guardians while competing in the Iron Banner, with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.
    Exacting Measures - Earn 15 Headshot Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Focused Aggression - Defeat 50 Guardians with Auto Rifle headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Hard Forged - Earn 10000 XP while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Heavy Metal - Earn 15 Machine Gun Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Iron Embrace - Defeat 20 Guardians with a close quarters melee attack while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Iron Wrath - Defeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
    Of Iron Made - Win 3 Iron Banner matches with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.
    Rise Above - Complete an Iron Banner match with the highest score.
    The Chaos and Calm - Defeat 30 Guardians with machine gun headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.

*Update - It appears that Bungie forgot to enable Level Advantages, making the Iron Banner seem like your everyday Control game mode.  Players at significantly higher levels do not appear to have any real significant advantage over lower level players, and weapon damage numbers seem to be the exact same as your everyday Crucible stats.  We're not really sure if this was intentional or unintentional, but seeing as Level Advantages were apparently enabled we're thinking it was this was simply a mistake on Bungie's part.

What do you guys think of the mess up with the Iron Banner event?



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