Destiny: Xur Location & Exotic Items Week #8 - Patience and Time, Armamentarium, Lucky Raspberry, Voidfang Vestments, Exotic Helmet Engram

Happy Halloween! This week Xur has Patience and Time!  He also brings us "Flight of Shadows," a special Halloween Treat, that will change the appearance of your respawns (when it works)!  For our armor pieces Xur brings us the Armamentarium for the Titan class, The Lucky Raspberry for the Hunters, and Voidfang Vestments for the Warlocks.  He also has an Exotic Helmet Engram, as well as Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, and Shotgun Telemetries.  You can as always pick us some upgrades or mods for your Sparrow that will increase the speed and durablity, and of course he offers five Heavy Ammo Synthesis for a single Strange Coin.

If you don't have Patience and Time yet, that would be my recommendation for Xur's Exotics this week.  It's a great PvP sniper!  Not only does it have low recoil, so you can land those follow up shots much easier, but once upgraded, you also get active camouflage while ADS, and you can also see your minimap while ADS.  OP . . .and that's what we want!  Please take a moment to check out my video overview of Xur's Location and Exotic Inventory above, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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