Destiny - Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle - Weapon Review!

Destiny's Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle can be unlocked by completing the "Shattered Memory Fragment" Exotic Bounty.  The Pocket Infinity may not seem like much when first unlocking the special weapon, but make sure to be patient and give this weapon some time because once you unlock the Pocket Infinity mod, that's when this weapon comes alive.  This mod enables the weapon to fire in full auto, and absolutely destroys targets in close range. 
Once you unlock the Pocket Infinity mod I suggest equipping the Extended Mags over the increased range mod or the reduced recoil mod, and playing somewhat aggressive.  The Extended Mags increase this weapons magazine from three rounds to eight rounds, and with the weapons full auto capabilities you can chew through multiple targets with one magazine in close proximity.  For more details on the Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle please take a moment to check out my video review above.

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