Destiny Infinite Chest Glitch - Infinite Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, & Relic Iron

So as we all know Bungie is trying to do away with loot farming in Destiny.  They've already completely nerfed all the best Engram farming locations we all once knew and loved.  However, we are gamers, and gamers always find a way around a developers patches.  That being said, here's a brand new method in Destiny to farm not only Engrams, but Materials as well that are obviously essential for upgrading your armor, and can even be used to purchase Crucible and Vanguard Marks, and even Reputation from the respective Quartermaster's in The Tower.

During my 15-20 minute run I landed tons of materials, and of course lots of Glimmer and Uncommon (Green) weapons and armor.  Not only that, but in that short time I also landed three blue Engrams and a Special Ammo Synthesis.  I've also heard reports of players receiving Legendary Engrams from this method, and with Destiny's new Engram system, you're guaranteed Legendary or higher weapons and gear from Legendary Engrams.  Check out my video guide above to see exactly how to take advantage of this new Infinite Chest Glitch before Bungie patches this loot farming method as well.


So I did end up seeing if the Infinite Chest Glitch would work on the other maps, and as I suspected it worked just as well as the Earth run.  So check out these short video guides below that will show you some really good locations for farming different materials like Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, and Relic Iron!

Destiny Infinite Chest Glitch on The Moon! - Loot Farming Helium Filaments, Engrams and More!

Destiny Infinite Chest Glitch on Venus! - Loot Farming Spirit Bloom, Engrams and Ship Plans!

Destiny Infinite Chest Glitch on Mars! - Loot Farming Relic Iron, Engrams and More!

Here are few quick guidelines that you'll want to take into account in order to make this glitch actually work.

- First off, make sure you find a chest in a good location, very close to a different area of the map in order to make the run efficient enough to bother with.

- Second, make sure no one else is in the area before you start farming the chest.  If someone comes into the area, simply find another chest and wait until they leave and you can continue.

- Lastly, from what I've found you can farm multiple chests or harvest materials, so if you can find some close together you can easily double up and be just fine.

- That's it guys, have fun and make sure to fill up on all the materials now in case Bungie does end up patching this particular glitch!

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