Destiny - How to Solo "The Summoning Pits" - Weekly Nightfall Strike Guide

Hey guys! Here's a guide showing you the strategy I use to solo Destiny's Weekly Nightfall Strike, "The Summoning Pits."  This can be a pretty chaotic Nightfall Strike even if you're doing it with friends, but if you follow these steps it will make it much easier on you or your Fireteam.

How to Solo "The Summoning Pits" - Weekly Nightfall Strike:

Make sure you have an Arc weapon to take on the Knights as the Arc Damage Modifier is active and you'll be able to defeat them very easily with Are weapons.  You may also want to equip a Solar weapon as well to deal with the Wizards because they do in fact have solar shields.  If you have the Icebreaker Exotic Sniper Rifle which was for sale by Xur . . .this is a great choice because you don't have to worry about ammo and it deals solar damage.

In the first Phase I recommend hanging back in the corridor, and not entering the room until you've taken out the two Thralls, the Wizard and at least one of the two Knights.  Hang back in the corridor, be very patient and simply snipe the Wizard and work down the two Knights with your Arc weapon (preferably machine gun because a rocket launcher is overkill and you'll be running through rockets very quickly - the Zombie Apocalypse machine gun is a great choice).  Once you've taken out the Knights and the Wizards move into the room and make sure to clean up the remaining Acolytes who will most likely be cowering behind a pillar.

The reason you want to make sure you clear out this entire room is because in Phase Two you'll want to retreat to this area at points when things get chaotic. For phase two, you'll deploy your Ghost and he will begin decoding the Runes in order to unlock the door that takes you deeper into the Hellmouth.  While he's decoding you'll have three separate waves of enemies.  First you'll have a swarm of Thralls and Cursed Thralls (aka Kamakazie Thralls).  DO NOT LET THEM NEAR YOU! The Lightswitch Modifier is also active so enemy melee attacks deal a ton of damage, not only that but the Thralls melee damage is also increase because of the Arc Burn Modifier.  They can one hit you, and you'll have to redo everything.  Deploy your Ghost, and begin moving back toward the stairs that lead to the previous Phase.  Make sure you don't leave the room until your Ghost says "I'll get to work" or he won't even begin decoding.  As soon as he says that, Thralls will begin rushing around the corner so take them out as quickly as possible, moving back up the stairs to the previous area when needed. Once you've disposed of most of the Thralls then two Ascendent Knights and two Hallowed Knights will come into the room, and you'll be able to burn through them pretty easily with your Arc weapon.  Make sure you play it cautiously however because they can take you out pretty quickly as well if you don't have good cover.

The next wave of enemies will be a ton of Acolytes who are relatively easy to deal with. Take most of them out and you'll have two more Knights come into the room as well as a couple of Wizards.  The enemies in this wave aren't too aggressive so you probably won't need to retreat back up the stairs to the previous Phase, so simply stay near the door, and take cover in that area, working down the Wizards and the Knights.

The final wave is easily the most difficult and this is the reason you want to take out all the enemies in Phase one because you may need to retreat all the way back into that area.  First you're going to have a load of Thralls spawn in, as well as several Knights, and some more Acolytes.  The Thralls will come after you if you're near the door however the Acolytes and Knights will sort of hang back and may even go onto the upper platforms (be careful because the Knights can shoot their Boomers from the upper platforms and take you down fairly quick).  Dispose of the Thralls first, then start focusing on the Knights.  Once you've taken out most of these enemies then four highly aggressive Wizards will come in, and this is where you'll want to sort of bait them into the stairwell to the previous Phase.  They won't come all the way up the stairs into the previous area, so you'll be able to snipe them pretty easily from there without really having to worry about dying.  Sometimes they will fallback into their spawn room though, so when they do, go about halfway down the stairs and they will come back into the stairwell.  Run back to the top of the stairs and you'll once again be able to snipe easily.  Repeat this until all four Wizards are dead.  Once you've killed all the Wizards go into the room and kill remaining enemies until your Ghost finally gets the door unlocked.  At this point you may just want to clear out all the enemies and collect some ammo.

Phase three is by far the easiest phase of The Summoning Pits Nightfall Strike.  As soon as you can see the Ogre and the Hallowed Knight, I personally recommend just hanging out right there.  Take out the Ogre with your sniper, and then move down a little bit and begin working on the Thralls and the Acolyte.  Once you've taken them out pull out your Arc weapon and make quick work of the Knight.  On to Phase four.

This is another simple Phase.  Simple break to the left once you reach the "Circle of Bones" and dispose of all the enemies.  Once you've down that, head down the corridor where your map is directing you (don't worry about the tomb ship).  At this point you can either face off with the two Hallowed Knights, or simply run past them, or in some cases you may have to jump over them, and on to the final Phase.

Once you pass the Hallowed Knights . . .now it's time to take out Phogoth! Check out the video above to see an easy way to deal with Phogoth :)     

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