Destiny: How to Solo "The Nexus" - Weekly Nightfall Strike Guide (Ishtar Sink, Venus)

Here's my strategy for soloing "The Nexus" Weekly Nightfall Strike.  With this particular Nightfall make sure to equip a Void LMG, and either the Ice Breaker Exotic Sniper Rifle or any Void Sniper Rifle.  I personally went with the Ice Breaker simply so I didn't have to worry about ammo.  As always make sure to stockpile some Heavy Ammo Synthesis and if you're not using the Ice Breaker, make sure to purchase some Special Ammo Synthesis as well.  Check out my video guide below for a step-by-step walkthrough of "The Nexus" Weekly Nightfall Strike and please take a moment to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Destiny Tips, Tricks, Guides & More!

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