Destiny: Xur Location & Exotic Items Week #8 - Patience and Time, Armamentarium, Lucky Raspberry, Voidfang Vestments, Exotic Helmet Engram

Happy Halloween! This week Xur has Patience and Time!  He also brings us "Flight of Shadows," a special Halloween Treat, that will change the appearance of your respawns (when it works)!  For our armor pieces Xur brings us the Armamentarium for the Titan class, The Lucky Raspberry for the Hunters, and Voidfang Vestments for the Warlocks.  He also has an Exotic Helmet Engram, as well as Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, and Shotgun Telemetries.  You can as always pick us some upgrades or mods for your Sparrow that will increase the speed and durablity, and of course he offers five Heavy Ammo Synthesis for a single Strange Coin.

If you don't have Patience and Time yet, that would be my recommendation for Xur's Exotics this week.  It's a great PvP sniper!  Not only does it have low recoil, so you can land those follow up shots much easier, but once upgraded, you also get active camouflage while ADS, and you can also see your minimap while ADS.  OP . . .and that's what we want!  Please take a moment to check out my video overview of Xur's Location and Exotic Inventory above, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Destiny Update Patch Notes - Atheon Patched, Vault of Glass Changes, & General Fixes

According to the patch notes for Destiny's latest update (Update, the final battle with Atheon has been patched so that players can no longer knock him off of his platform in order to beat the final battle and collect their reward.  Also, Atheon will now be teleporting three random players through the timestream and no longer the three players furthest away from him.  This will in turn make the encounter the way that Bungie intended it to be, and players will really have to work for the rewards they receive for completing it.

Beyond that the update claims to improve stability for all players, and said that they've narrowed down that issues for error codes "Zebra" and "Cockatoo" and now there will be different error codes based on a more precise issue.  Now although they hoped to improve stability, post-patch I've personally been getting sent back to orbit much more frequently, with a message claiming connection issues (error codes "bee" and "fly"), and have also heard reports of other players having the same troubles.  Hopefully we'll get a patch very soon that indeed does deal with these issues.

Destiny: How to Solo "The Nexus" - Weekly Nightfall Strike Guide (Ishtar Sink, Venus)

Here's my strategy for soloing "The Nexus" Weekly Nightfall Strike.  With this particular Nightfall make sure to equip a Void LMG, and either the Ice Breaker Exotic Sniper Rifle or any Void Sniper Rifle.  I personally went with the Ice Breaker simply so I didn't have to worry about ammo.  As always make sure to stockpile some Heavy Ammo Synthesis and if you're not using the Ice Breaker, make sure to purchase some Special Ammo Synthesis as well.  Check out my video guide below for a step-by-step walkthrough of "The Nexus" Weekly Nightfall Strike and please take a moment to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Destiny Tips, Tricks, Guides & More!

Destiny: Xur Location & Exotics Week #7 (October 24-26) - Armamentarium, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Voidfang Vestments, Suros Regime, & Exotic Gauntlet Engram!

Here's Xur, Agent of the Nine's Location for Week #7 (October 24-26)!  This week Xur brings back the Armamentarium Chest Piece for Titans, as well as the Crest of Alpha Lupi for the Hunters, and the Voidfangs Vestments Chest Piece for Warlocks.  He's also brought back the Suros Regime Auto Rifle (easily one of the best), and an Exotic Gauntlet Engram!  Check out my complete overview and the exact location of Xur in the video above, and Subscribe to Chance Gaming Media on YouTube for more Destiny content!

Destiny: The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon Review! - Best Weapon in Destiny?

Hey guys!  Here's a review of Destiny's Exotic Hand Cannon "The Last Word!"  This is easily one of the best weapons in Destiny.  I personally received this weapon as a reward for completing a Vanguard Tiger Strike, however I've heard it can also be dropped as a Crucible reward, and can also be found in The Vault of Glass Raid.  Keep your eyes peeled for this weapon because this is definitely a keeper!  Please take a moment to check out my full review of  "The Last Word" including the mods I use that I believe maximize this weapons potential.

Destiny - How to Solo "The Summoning Pits" - Weekly Nightfall Strike Guide

Hey guys! Here's a guide showing you the strategy I use to solo Destiny's Weekly Nightfall Strike, "The Summoning Pits."  This can be a pretty chaotic Nightfall Strike even if you're doing it with friends, but if you follow these steps it will make it much easier on you or your Fireteam.

How to Solo "The Summoning Pits" - Weekly Nightfall Strike:

Make sure you have an Arc weapon to take on the Knights as the Arc Damage Modifier is active and you'll be able to defeat them very easily with Are weapons.  You may also want to equip a Solar weapon as well to deal with the Wizards because they do in fact have solar shields.  If you have the Icebreaker Exotic Sniper Rifle which was for sale by Xur . . .this is a great choice because you don't have to worry about ammo and it deals solar damage.

Destiny - Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle - Weapon Review!

Destiny's Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle can be unlocked by completing the "Shattered Memory Fragment" Exotic Bounty.  The Pocket Infinity may not seem like much when first unlocking the special weapon, but make sure to be patient and give this weapon some time because once you unlock the Pocket Infinity mod, that's when this weapon comes alive.  This mod enables the weapon to fire in full auto, and absolutely destroys targets in close range. 
Once you unlock the Pocket Infinity mod I suggest equipping the Extended Mags over the increased range mod or the reduced recoil mod, and playing somewhat aggressive.  The Extended Mags increase this weapons magazine from three rounds to eight rounds, and with the weapons full auto capabilities you can chew through multiple targets with one magazine in close proximity.  For more details on the Pocket Infinity Exotic Fusion Rifle please take a moment to check out my video review above.

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Battlefield 4 - DICE Details Fall Patch Highlights in New Gameplay Video

If you don't feel like reading through all the patch notes for Battlefield 4's fall patch, don't fret.  DICE has you covered with a new gameplay video that highlights all the major changes.  The video covers Visual Recoil, Jet Changes, Game Mode Changes, Netcode, and much more.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think about the Battlefield 4 Fall Patch.

Battlefield 4 - Second Final Stand Testing Session?

It's been several weeks since DICE allowed CTE testers to try out the new Final Stand DLC maps.  DICE says they've taken lots of feedback from this test and have made several improvements.  According to a recent interview with David Veselka from MP1ST, it looks like we may be seeing another Final Stand DLC test with the new changes and improvements added before we finally see it launch later on down the road.

DICE Producer David Sirland told Veselka, “So, basically, we showed stuff before it’s actually even Alpha and get a lot of initial feedback and then we will try to work on that and show it again and, you know, get another set of feedback and hopefully we’ll address a lot of the issues people had the first time around. And, then, eventually release it [as] hopefully a more stable and high quality release because of it.”

So what do you guys think?  Do you think we'll be seeing another Final Stand test?

Check out the full interview here.

What you need to know about Destiny's Iron Banner Tournament (Fast Legendary Armor & Weapons!)

The Iron Banner is a limited time Crucible event that offers players who participate unique rewards including Legendary armor and weapons, unique Emblems and Shaders, and of course a unique Class Item.  One thing you'll want to be aware of with this particular event is that unlike your everyday Crucible games, in the Iron Banner Tournament, level advantages are enabled.  This means that your weapon and armor stats that you've worked so hard to attain will actually come into play.  Players at higher levels will have increased defense and deal more weapon damage, while players at lower levels won't have as much defense or deal as much damage.  Like Lord Saladin says, "The Iron Banner is not for the weak," simply meaning that players who have put the time in to level up will be at a significant advantage over players who aren't quite there yet.

Destiny Infinite Chest Glitch - Infinite Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, & Relic Iron

So as we all know Bungie is trying to do away with loot farming in Destiny.  They've already completely nerfed all the best Engram farming locations we all once knew and loved.  However, we are gamers, and gamers always find a way around a developers patches.  That being said, here's a brand new method in Destiny to farm not only Engrams, but Materials as well that are obviously essential for upgrading your armor, and can even be used to purchase Crucible and Vanguard Marks, and even Reputation from the respective Quartermaster's in The Tower.

During my 15-20 minute run I landed tons of materials, and of course lots of Glimmer and Uncommon (Green) weapons and armor.  Not only that, but in that short time I also landed three blue Engrams and a Special Ammo Synthesis.  I've also heard reports of players receiving Legendary Engrams from this method, and with Destiny's new Engram system, you're guaranteed Legendary or higher weapons and gear from Legendary Engrams.  Check out my video guide above to see exactly how to take advantage of this new Infinite Chest Glitch before Bungie patches this loot farming method as well.


So I did end up seeing if the Infinite Chest Glitch would work on the other maps, and as I suspected it worked just as well as the Earth run.  So check out these short video guides below that will show you some really good locations for farming different materials like Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, and Relic Iron!

Destiny Patch 1.0.2 Patch Notes - Live Now!

Hey guys!  The latest Destiny patch (Patch 1.0.2) is live!  This means an overall buff to the Engram system, meaning that we you will always receive an item of the same class or higher than the Engram you decrypt, and Engrams are now potential rewards for the Vanguard Tiger Strike Playlist, Daily Heroic Missions, and Weekly Heroic Strikes.  Since Bungie is doing away with Engram farming these should enable players to get their Engrams more naturally as they play the game.  They've also reduced the time limit on Bastion and First Light for the Clash and Control game modes to bring them in line with the non-vehicle maps.  Why they changed this I'm not exactly sure, but I thought the increased time limit was nice since the maps are larger and it generally took you longer to encounter an enemy player than the other maps.  Check out all the changes and details straight from Bungie below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    Legendary (purple) engrams will always produce a Legendary quality item or higher
        Note: Legendary engrams that exist in your inventory will change to Rare quality items when the patch is applied. However, decoding these engrams will still produce the same results as before
    Rare (blue) engrams will always produce a Rare quality item or higher
        Chance for Legendary gear increased
    Materials: Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy promoted to Legendary quality (from Rare quality)