Is Far Cry 4 too similar to Far Cry 3? (Gameplay/Preview)

Is Far Cry 4 too similar to Far Cry 3?  Here's some hands-on gameplay from the open-world first person shooter, showing off a familiar location to players who played the previous title, along with insight from the games Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.  Hutchinson explains what sets the games apart from one another including some of the more subtle changes like how alarms work to some of the major changes like gameplay mechanics, location changes, new weapons and vehicles, and of course the new drop-in/drop-out Co-op system.  The game is set to release on all platforms starting November 18th.  What do you guys think about  Far Cry 4 so far?

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  1. I dont think that Far cry 4 is similar to Far cry 3. Yes certain things might be similar but it could b totally co incidence and we can give it benefits of doubt. But other than that I think it will b more fun to play Far cry 4 as compare to the previous one!


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