Is Battlefield 4's Big September Patch Launching Today?!? (UPDATED!)

According to the Battlefield 4 CTE Battlelog, today is "Patch Day."  Not exactly sure what this means because we haven't been expecting any new patches for the CTE yet . . .so could this be THE BIG "Patch Day" we've been expecting for the retail game?  If so, why haven't we caught any wind of this from the Battlefield 4 Retail Battlelog?  Not really sure why DICE didn't care to elaborate on what "Patch Day" this is, but I guess we'll know here shortly as the patch has an ETA of 3PM PDT.

*Update - DICE finally explained what the "Patch Day" is all about.  According to the CTE Battlelog DICE has made all the final preparations and updated the CTE servers to be "on par with what the Final Patch will include."  This means the current state of the CTE should be what we can expect when DICE finally launches the Fall Patch which they've stated should come in the "final weeks of September."

Check out the full update from DICE below:

Today we will update the CTE to be on par with what the Fall Patch will include (pending certification goes as planned).
During the time since the last update the team has been hard at work fixing critical crashbugs, performance issues and what we call blockers – all in preparation to be able to release all this to all players on all platforms with the Fall Patch (expected to be released in the end weeks of September).

Here are the notabel changes included in this patch:

Fixed crash related to entering vehicle or stationary emplacement
Fixed elevators being active on Dawnbreaker being active on DOM, SQDM, TDM AND ELM
Changed descriptions to reflect balance changes
for RGO Impact , V40 minis and Heavy Barrel
Adjusted gunner HMG values so spread increase happens smoothly.
Incoming damage indicator fix
Fixed an issue with the incoming damage indicator rotating incorrectly when player hurting has been killed (did not make this release – or the patch :( )
Optimized memory usage on Naval maps
Several stability, performance and other blockers fixed
(list being compiled – will be part of patch notes for fall patch)

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