Destiny's Best Location for Farming Engrams! - Mars: Valley of the Kings

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be showing you the absolute best location to farm Engrams in Destiny, including Legendary (purple), Decoherent (blue), and of course Green Engrams.  I've run many of the other good Engram farms in the game including the Temple of Crota farm on the Moon and the tunnel farm on Earth, but this farm, from what I experienced was by far the best!  You can also easily farm this location by yourself with no worries.

What you want to do is head to the planet Mars and go to the "Valley of the Kings."  You'll notice a giant ship surrounded by Cabal.  There's a nice little sniper point directly in front of the Cabal where you can post up with a sniper rifle and a pulse rifle and easily pick them off at range without them ever even firing a shot at you.  I generally try not to waste my ammo on the "big guy" in the middle simply because it takes at least two shots with a sniper rifle to take him out, and I don't want to leave my sniper location unless I absolutely have to.

A mob of Cabal will come out from a spawn location on the left side, and another mob will come out from a spawn location on the right side.  Keep in mind that if you don't kill all three enemies on a side they won't respawn again until you do.  I personally suggest taking the Centurion on the left out first with your sniper rifle, and taking all the other lower level enemies out with your pulse rifle.  The reason you want to take him out first is because once you've killed any two Cabal on the left side, the third one will make a run for the ship and the Centurion is most difficult to kill.  Take him out first and you'll have no problem dropping either of the other Cabal if they start to ran away.

The guys on the right side are easy to deal with and I often times just try to take them out with a grenade or my Super whenever they're available.  This helps me conserve my ammo and keep my sniper location a bit longer.  Now, I'm unsure of why the game was doing this, maybe it's a glitch, maybe I had some ability, or maybe this spot was simply meant to be farmed, but every time I would get low on ammo, my ammo would automatically replenish, so I literally never needed to leave my sniper location.

Check out my video guide above for more details on this epic Engram farming location located on Mars in the "Valley of the Kings," and Subscribe to Chance Gaming Media on YouTube for more Destiny tips, tricks, guides, and tutorials! 

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