Destiny: Vex Mythoclast - Exotic Fusion Rifle Review - Most Overpowered Weapon?

Hey guys check out this quick weapon review and gameplay of the Vex Mythoclast Exotic Fusion Rifle.  The Vex Mythoclast is easily one of the most difficult weapons to attain in Destiny and at this moment seems to be completely overpowered.  Not only does this weapon do a ton of damage to the body, but the headshot damage is well on par with Scout Rifle damage.  Get a few unlocks for the Mythoclast and you can increase your magazine capacity from 21 to 56 rounds per magazine, meaning you'll be able to drop a ton of targets before you ever have to think about reloading.  The Vex Mythoclast is currently only obtainable by defeating Antheon in the Vault of Glass Raid on Hard Mode.  It will be no easy task to unlock, so if you're looking to wield a weapon that's far beyond any other competitors, conquer the Raid soon before the Mythoclast is nerfed.  Enjoy the review and gameplay of the Vex Mythoclast below from DattoDoesDestiny, and let us know your thoughts on this Exotic weapon in the comments!


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