Destiny's "Vault of Glass" Raids Have Begun!

The "Vault of Glass" is a raid beneath Venus designed for only the most skilled Guardians.  According to Bungie the Vault of Glass raid will pose some of the most difficult trials and challenges any Guardian has faced on their journey through the world of Destiny so far.  The raids will require teamwork, skill, and discipline to complete, and only the teams that exercise all of these will become victorious.
The teams that finish with the best times in The Vault of Glass Raids are not only doing this for glory and a celebration in The Tower, but Bungie is also rewarding the best teams with "raid level gear" and other prizes that are only suitable for higher ranking Guardians. 


Are you ready to take on The Vault of Glass Raids?  

To participate in the "Vault of Glass" raids, you must achieve at least Level 26, and have a Fireteam of at least 6 players who have also achieved at least Level 26.  There is NO matchmaking so you will need either 5 friends, or you'll have to locate 5 other people who are willing to join you.

The raid will reset at 2:00am Pacific Time on September 23rd.  So get your Fireteam together now so you can be one of the first to finish the most difficult mission in Destiny we've seen so far!

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