Destiny Upcoming Events: Combined Arms & Queen's Wrath

In Bungie's latest Destiny blog post they've gone into a little bit more detail on two of their upcoming events, Combined Arms and Queen's Wrath, and also added a new Salvage event to the schedule, stating "There should always be something new to experience every time you play Destiny."

Combined Arms

Combined Arms will be added to the Crucible Weekend Playlist from Sept 19-21. Gather up your Fireteam of six players and get ready for a vehicle focused arena where Bungie is saying players will "Drive towards supremacy and glory."  They also said players should "Watch for increased Heavy Ammo drops!"

The Combined Arms event will reward Guardians with Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks, and Crucible Reputation.

Queen's Wrath

During the Queens Wrath event taking place from Sept 23. - Oct. 6, Guardians will be accepting new orders from the Queens emissary.  Players who are ready for the challenge will be able to tackle new missions and accept new bounties as they attempt to "extinguish the enemies of the Reef."  I guess that small planet is still there for a reason.

The Queens Wrath event will reward Guardians with Unique Legendary Gear and Unique Rare Gear.

Iron Banner was on the list of upcoming events from Destiny's last update, but now they have added another Salvage event that we can also expect before the end of September.

Check out the full calender of events and details below!

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