Destiny Tops $325 Million In Five Days and 100 Million Hours Played

If you've been enjoying Destiny as much as I have, then as you already know, you're not alone.  In fact, Destiny's sells numbers are pretty astonishing.  Destiny is actually the biggest new franchise launch in gaming history.  

According to Activision, Destiny grossed over $325 million in sales in the games first five days after launch.  Not only that,  Activision has also stated that players have already logged in over 100 million hours in online play and participated in over 137 million activities.  

As much as people and many reviewers seem to love hating Destiny, the game's fans are telling a different story about Destiny simply by the fact that they are playing it . . .and playing it alot.  Activision stated, "Millions of gamers are having a great time playing Destiny and can't put their controllers down."
Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg also wrote, "And this is just the beginning.  Destiny is a platform that will grow and evolve and we will continue to work closely with our partner Bungie to bring a long line of new experiences and content to life in the game."

Activision and Bungie have a ton of upcoming events and expansions planned.  They've already named their first two expansion packs, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves.  The first of these which we can expect sometime in December.

There's tons of new content to look forward to in Destiny, so stayed tuned to Chance Gaming Media for the latest. 

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