Destiny Queen's Wrath Bounty Guide - Devil Archon and Draksis Locations

Hey guys!  Here's a quick Destiny guide for those of you participating in the Queen's Wrath event. Today I'm going to show you how to find the Devil Archon and Draksis so you can earn Queen's Reputation by completing the Archon Slayer and Last Days of Winter Bounty.  I would highly recommend completing these two bounties as they offer twice as much Reputation as the other two PvE bounties, and took me less time to complete.

Devil Archon Location - Archon Slayer Bounty

Riksis, the Devil Archon of the Fallen House of Devils can be found on Earth, only in the Level 2 Story: Restoration. Recon the crash site, find the warp drive, and then defeat Riksis to complete the Archon Slayer bounty and earn your Reputation for the Queen.

*If you're a higher rank, make sure to bump the difficulty up a notch to give yourself a bit of a challenge and make things a little more entertaining!

Draksis Location - Last Days of Winter Bounty

Draksis, an Ultra Fallen Captain can only be located on Venus during the Level 12 Story: Scourge of Winter. Start the mission and make it past the Kell's Guard to find Draksis in a throne room located on a Fallen ship.  Kill Draksis to complete the Last Days of Winter bounty and earn your Reputation.

*Don't forget to grab the Gold Chest located on a small ledge as soon as you board the Fallen ship! Check out the video above to see exactly where the Gold Chest is located and to learn more about the Queen's Wrath event!

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